The Daily Wrap: October 25th

The week has finally come to an end but before you toss all your work on an intern and head to Las Vegas, check out the news that’s buzzing around the internet today.

11 Acre Wish



Have you ever seen a portrait that spanned 11 acres?  This is amazing. As part of the Belfast International Festival, artist Jorge Rodriguez transformed a photograph of a girl making a wish into an 11 acre masterpiece made from 30,000 wooden pegs, 2,000 tonnes of sand, 2,000 tonnes of topsoil, grass and stones.

NC GOP Chair Got Daily Showed


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Yesterday everyone was watching a pretty hilarious video of Aasif Mandvi from the Daily Show interviewing Don Yelton, a North Carolina GOP official who apparently had been drinking heavily with his medication that day and had no idea the level of stupidity that was coming out of his mouth.  The highlight reel of his discussion about NC’s new voter ID laws included;

  • Use of the term “lazy black people”
  • Assuring us he wasn’t a racist because he has a black friend
  • Mentioning how when he was a kid black people weren’t called that, they were negroes
  • Questioning why he can’t use the n-word
  • Acknowledging that the voter ID law was just to mess with Democrats and not to prevent voter fraud

Yelton has since been removed from his position in the party, one he won in 2013 by two votes (himself and his wife). The GOP would like everyone to know that they too know Yelton is a dingus and they do not support his pretty much insane interview in any way.

Text Your Resignation


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A Texas judge who, for whatever brilliant reason, decided to text instructions during a trial to an assistant DA, has submitted her resignation in lieu of disciplinary action and is now barred from performing any kind of judicial duties, even performing weddings.

The judge didn’t admit any guilt, though she was accused of sending texts to the DA with suggestions of questions they should ask during a trial in 2012.  Whether that was because the prosecutor really sucked or the judge just wanted to hurry things along we may never know.


Police Officer Fired for Shooting


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Odds are that most police do their jobs well and we owe them thanks for it but it’s an indisputable fact that a lot of officers abuse their position and they do it horribly.  Such was the case with officer Carden Spencer who, last week, shot a mentally ill man in the street and defended himself by saying the man lunged at him with a knife.  What Spencer did not realize in his stupid arrogance was a neighbor had a security camera pointed at the entire event which showed the man not only didn’t move, he didn’t have a weapon and didn’t even raise his hands.  The officer shot him point blank in the street for no reason at all.

The case against Spencer is now headed to a grand jury.


Seattle Parking Lot To Be Turned Into Parking Lot


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The law of eminent domain allows for the government to take private property for public use.  So if the city you live in has a reason to need your home, it can take it from you so long as you’re given just compensation.  It’s rare, but legal.

In Seattle, the city has decided it needs a parking lot owned by a 103 year old woman. It needs this property to turn into a parking lot.  Which, you may have noticed in that last sentence, it already is.  Critics have pointed out that the point of eminent domain is to improve something for the public good, like by putting a roadway in place or building a school.  Turning a parking lot into a parking lot is just short of the opposite of the intended law.  The only thing worse would be if they planned to build condos for rich people there.