The Daily Wrap: October 24th Staff by Staff on Oct. 24, 2013

Thursday already?  My God, where does the week go?  Oh, that’s right, into the past.  Onto the future?  Which is us retelling past events in the form of news!

UC Pepper Spray Trauma



Remember that video of the cop spraying pepper spray across protestors just sitting peacefully during an Occupy UC Davis protest?  It was such a ridiculous image it became a meme, this chubby cop in riot gear hosing innocent people?  Well that was so traumatic for him, he just received a worker’s comp deal worth $38,000.  He suffered so much depression and anxiety as a result of people harassing him for being a total douche nozzle, you see, that he was crippled by it.

The victims of the pepper spray attack were part of a settlement as well that saw each of them awarded $30,000.  So the trauma of pepper spraying innocent kids is apparently worth $8,000 more than the trauma of actually being pepper sprayed, which is good news for future jerks who aren’t sure if they should hose down strangers with a non-lethal weapon.


Breaking Bad & Stupid



You may be aware that some TV fans are a little more ridiculous than others.  People have theme parties and viewing parties and all kinds of other silly things that, when scrutinized, make you seem a little insane.  But this takes the cake – fans of Breaking Bad held a funeral for Walter White this weekend, who you may recall is not a real person and therefore didn’t really die.  This didn’t stop fans from organizing a half assed fundraiser at the very real Sunset Memorial Park, at which numerous loiterers stood around on the graves of real people, including children, to celebrate the death of a man who never existed.  This kept going until the families of the actual deceased began to complain because no one wants people partying on their children’s graves.

Organizers have since apologized because hindsight is 20/20 and the ability to figure that a party in a cemetery isn’t a good idea wasn’t obvious to everyone.

McResources are a McJoke



Seems that McDonalds offers all of its employees a helpful hotline called McResources for employees having financial troubles.  What solutions do McResources offer?  They tell you how to sign up for Medicaid and SNAP, the Supplemental  Nutritional Assistance Program, better known as Food Stamps.  Why do you care about this?  Because McDonalds is actively telling you to pay their employees.  They won’t give a burger flipper a livable wage, but you and your taxes will take up the slack and McDonalds tells their employees how to do it.  It’s not a tacit, lazy thing, it’s something they encourage.  They know they don’t pay people enough and they know you and I will pay the difference with social assistance and that is McDisgusting.


Stripping for Cops



Two officers in Philadelphia are facing federal charges after forcing a woman to strip while one of the officers got himself off.  Classy.

Former Police Officer Joseph Harvey and Officer Sean Cahill were arrested on Wednesday. Cahill covered for Harvey by telling investigators the other officer was never alone with the woman.  Interesting, Harvey, the perv officer, is facing a year in prison and a $100k fine for deprivation of civil rights while Cahill, who covered for him, faces up to 5 years and a $250k fine for making a false statement.  So remember that, it’s better to just degrade and sexually abuse someone than to lie about it.

Broncho4 User

Minimum wage is for high school kids living at home.  If you want a "livable wage" at McDonald's, why don't you start, voluntarily, paying $9.00 for your #1 meal!  No one is forced to work there.  A truly impoverished Hispanic will live with 4 other people in order to make ends meet while having McDonald's as a second job.  All the while sending his/her "extra" money back to Mexico.  

Shawn-Hicks-25 User

Funny how the same people that say McDonalds is a job for "teenager" are the same people that get pist when "teenagers" are standing on their lettuce.

BadDad123 User

56% of fast food employees receive some sort of government subsidy.

Xylander User

McDonald's (or any low tier unskilled work provider) be expected to pay a livable wage.  Those jobs are for giving people experience so they can quit and move to a job that does give a livable wage.  If you go to McDonald's looking to work 20 years and retire... then I don't know what to say.

The-Langolier UserTop Commenter

Nothing innocent about those worthless student protesters. They just wanted to stir shit up.


Break, didn't you learn from the last time you tried to portray mcdonalds employees as the victims here? I ask for no pickles on my double cheese burger but instead I get a chicken sandwich and you want me to pay more for that service? I know your bleeding heart hurts right now but go home and let mommy explain that bad things do happen and not everyone gets what they want. Like no pickles on my double cheese burger.

Dante40 User


fizbanic User

Fast food industries = entry level jobs, or jobs reserved for unskilled workers to gain skills and experience to move further in the job force.  It is not meant to be a career choice.

TheeAthis User

I'm with ya Bigdog. Today, illegal aliens expect jobs in the fast food industry to be a "career" with all of the benefits a real career entails. Truth is, these jobs are meant to be temporary for younger people who are either in High school or just getting thru college.

bigdogbovy User

When did working at McDonalds become a place where someone should expect a "Livable Wage".  This is where teenagers work, an unskilled position.

The problem isn't McDonalds not paying them enough, or telling them how to enroll in the programs.  It's that the Programs exist at all.

COHockey User

Do the abuses of power by the cops surprise anyone? That's kind of the theme of the last decade..... they wipe their asses with our civil rights by the Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA..... and we can do nothing about it, until enough of us are informed.

YouTube "Wake up call, remastered" ........ maybe it can present enough evidence to people to finally turn the tide against our march to a socialist dictatorship.


Shawn-Hicks-25 User

@Xylander same person that got mad when the picture of a teenager standing on their lettuce.......

Shawn-Hicks-25 User

@fizbanic So you dont care that an unskilled and undisciplined work makes food for you and your family?.....I'm calling BS. That or you dont mind a lil spit in you daughter's food.

RiotSt4rt3r User

@bigdogbovy Sir sir sir, when you tell a gangster to go get a job his options are limited. McDonalds the multi-billion dollar corporation are one of the few he has. When that massive corp offers him a non-livable wage he goes and rapes your wife and steals your car..... Oh who am I kidding, you're probably twelve.

it_will_be_alright User

Exactly! Although, I'm not sure about that last part where you suggest that the programs should not exist at all. Really it's the sense of entitlement that doesn't seem to make sense. McDonalds is a stepping stone for individuals who might not have any other opportunities without it. It is certainly not meant to provide a lifelong career path.


@COHockey You could inform everyone, unfortunately most wont believe you or even care. American apathy...

it_will_be_alright User

@RiotSt4rt3r @bigdogbovy So if someone has a non-livable wage then they rape and steal? That is a very bold statement. You see, I was under the impression that if someone believes that they have a low wage job it is because they concurrently believe their labor is worth more. Eventually there is a certain point that acts as an impetus for them to seek new employment with better wage options. Please provide statistics to support your statement. Demonstrate to me that McDonalds has hired a certain number of "gangsters" (however you choose to define that metric) and also that they have all chosen to rape and/or steal. Even if you try and condescend to the person you're responding to, using an ad hominem attack doesn't suddenly provide validity to your fallacious statements. You can't make a general statement that is based upon nothing at all and then also say that none of what you said matters because the person you're responding to is a child and then act like you advanced an argument. It's better for you to just remain silent.

Shawn-Hicks-25 User

@it_will_be_alright So you dont care that an unskilled and undisciplined work makes food for you and your family?.....I'm calling BS. That or you dont mind a lil spit in you daughter's food.

it_will_be_alright User

Oh by the way, see Sonja Sheilds and how she went from being an employee to being a franchisee. She's also not the only one who has advanced herself through hard work. Organic growth is possible and demonstrates that skill and discipline are not correlated to employment at McDonalds. They may be coincidental but are not absolute.

it_will_be_alright User

@Shawn-Hicks-25 @it_will_be_alright So you assume that because a worker is a McDonalds employee that they are "unskilled" or "undisciplined" as a matter of fact? Inexperienced is not synonymous with unskilled and undisciplined. Life is about track records. Without ANY experience, most companies choose not to hire an individual at all. That aside, all food served at McDonalds comes precooked and all the employees do is reheat the food. Where in your mind does spit automatically come in food because it's from McDonalds or because the employees are paid a certain amount? Personally, I haven't eaten food from McDonalds in over 10 years but if I needed to I would. Are you suggesting that if McDonalds pays their employees more that they will become more skilled and disciplined per se simply because they were given higher wages or that they will choose to stick around McDonalds and make a lifelong career of $15/hour? Are you also saying that workers at actual sit-down establishments NEVER spit in food? I assure you that it won't change the types of individuals being attracted for employment. All of that aside, you don't seem to have a point.