The Daily Wrap: October 23rd

The week is at the half way point and that means it’s OK for you to skip the afternoon and have a margarita.  We swear we read that somewhere.  Anyway, here’s the news.

Who’s That Dead Guy?



Jerry Moon was recently laid to rest and, according to his wishes, he did not want to be cremated.  In fact, he was terrified by the idea.  No problem, though. The family had a casket and they were ready to say their final goodbyes at his funeral when they opened the lid and discovered a stranger’s corpse with its head in a bag.  But on the upside it was wearing Jerry’s clothes.

The real Jerry had already been cremated while this other person, a 97 year old man who died in hospice care, had been dressed in his clothes and put in a casket with a picture of Jerry and his wife.  The company that runs the funeral home refused to comment on the mix up, or why the dead guy was wearing a bag.


Careful What You Tweet


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Everyone loves a good joke on Twitter, or a parody account, or the ravings of Donald Trump, but you need to be responsible with how you use social media, lest it take a bite out of your rear. Ask Jofi Joseph, who until recently ran an anonymous Twitter account making fun of White House policy, officials and then some.  His criticisms ran from political smartassery to just calling people names.  Turns out he was also leaking inside info since the man himself, in real life, was actually a National Security staff member.

For two years his account sounded off and made fun of all aspects of his job and the people he worked with.  The White House announced this week that he had been fired with no word on how it came to light the account was his.


Britney Wants You To Get to Work


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Britney Spears may be running her own PR team, or a chimp is, after posting on her Facebook page for fans to share their “Get to Work (Bitch)” stories with her in celebration of her new video of the same name.  What kind of stories does that mean?  You know, like the time you volunteered at a soup kitchen or helped people after a natural disaster. Just look at the pic, you’ll get the idea.

Santa the Slave Driver


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Straight out of the Netherlands comes this tale of Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa Claus and his companion Zwarte Piet.  Zwarte Piet is a black man and, in the eyes of many (but not all) he is also Sinterklaas’ slave.  Why does Dutch Santa have a slave?  Why does Santa from anywhere do anything?

In some tales Sinterklaas has a demon sidekick who, on Christmas, is shackled and forced to help do good things.  In others, he’s a slave that Sinterklaas rescued and then offered his services to help the jolly fellow.  In yet others he’s just a Moorish man-servant who’s a bit goofy.  None of that is inherently racist (except maybe turning a demon into a black man) but the fact people will put on afro wigs and black face to dress up as him has been seen as offensive and now the UN is recommending the Sinterklaas tradition be either updated or scrapped altogether.

In television broadcasts Piet is often update to be less stupid, and he’s not always black or even a man, but changing tradition is hard, even when it’s offensive, ask the Washington Redskins.