The Daily Wrap: October 1st Staff by Staff on Oct. 01, 2013

It’s October, time to bust out the pumpkins and, well, that’s all.  Let’s see what’s buzzing around the internet today.

Shut Down!

As we guessed yesterday, the government of the United States of America has shut down.  Congress, deadlocked over that funding bill, watched as Tuesday rolled in and a shutdown came riding on its back.  For the first time in 17 years, officials told the various agencies of our government to prepare to shut down,  a move which will largely involve many, many people and services not being available today or any day until this gets resolved.

Hundreds of thousands of workers will be placed on furlough, parks and monuments are now closed, various services have been suspended including IRS audits (no big deal there) and food stamps. Members of the military will still be paid however, thanks to a bipartisan measure passed yesterday and signed into law by the President, and the mail will still be delivered as the post office receives alternate funding.

Both sides of government headed into Tuesday morning blaming the other and bickering.   The GOP refuses to pass any funding bill without tying anti-Obamacare legislation to it and the Dems refuse to acknowledge anything that includes Obamacare.  Until someone gives, expect more of the same.

All Public Facebook Posts Are Searchable

Finally, Facebook stalking is way easier than it used to be.  Facebook Graph Search lets you search anything made public on the site, from any time, with other modifiers like people who participated, or location, or whatever keywords float your boat today.

Privacy controls are still in effect so if you flagged someone private it will still be private, but of course everything on Facebook is public by default, and this will allow you to search all the way back to when Facebook began and people were less concerned with keeping their profiles private.  Is this news earth shattering and are you likely to find damning info?  Probably not, but as part of Facebook's plan to have a Twitter-like feed of info to interact with, your life, assuming you put it on Facebook, just got a whole lot more public.


Zero Tolerance and Zero Intelligence

Every school with a zero tolerance policy seems to be run by doped up monkeys but every so often a new story pops up that trumps the old ones in stupidity.  We’ve heard in the past of kids suspended for bringing things like butter knives in their lunch, but a kid in Florida, an 8 year old kid, was sent home for playing cops and robbers with a friend and using a finger gun.  You know, when you use your thumb and forefinger and point it at someone, maybe say “pew pew?”  Yeah, that.

The school labeled this an act of violence, because maybe they’d been drinking.  When asked, they refused to comment on the specific case but did say their code of conduct prohibited children from playing with invisible guns.  That is not a punch line, that is what a school official actually said to the media. 


Happy Birthday Yosemite!

On this day in 1890, Yosemite National Park came into existence.  On its anniversary, why not pop in for a visit and enjoy the splendor and majesty of nature and one of the country’s greatest treasures?  Because you can’t, it’s shut down along with all the other national parks.  But you can look at Google’s doodle about it. 

Happy Birthday anyway.

Jehovah Didn’t See This Coming

There have been jokes about being harassed by Jehovah’s Witnesses for as long as Jehovah’s Witnesses have been knocking on doors to spread the word of the Lord.  Some people don’t find those jokes funny, however, like John Baldwin, who instead of locking the door and pretending to not be home like the rest of us, pulled a gun and fired 19 rounds at three Jehovah’s Witnesses.  19!

When the three approached Baldwin on his lawn, he swore at the them stating he moved there to get away from people like them.  The three apologized and left but not fast enough for Baldwin who is quoted as saying “Get my nine.”  Not sure who he said it to, but he lives in a world in which he can say that and someone will actually do it, because he just started shooting at the fleeing Jehovah’s Witnesses after that.  He was released from county jail yesterday on a $50,000 bond.

paul_revere User

Guck Fovernment. Shut it down permanently. Fire the dictator, then hang him for treason along with 90% of all elected officials.

COHockey User

The govt is shut down because the dems refused to let the individual mandates slide for another year like they did for big business, and secondly because apparently dems want the highly paid federal workers to receive major subsidies for their insurance while the rest of us pay out of pocket. Sound fair? DON'T believe the lapdog mass media putting all the blame on republicans. Obama already stated NO COMPROMISE, and that is a really crappy way to run a country and behave as a leader.


In one month of paying for "subsidized" health insurance I will have paid twice as much for healthcare as i have in the last 6 years... One doctors visit in 6 years isn't worth being forced to buy healthcare at $150 a month. The burden of healthcare costs is now on the shoulders of young healthy people and most don't even know it. Pretty sad that most supported this without knowing what it was. Now we are paying the price...

diddlydpotatoes User

Some informative articles butchered by bad grammar and spelling. Who writes this shit?

Bill-Shriner-516 User

@COHockey I have health care and am glad i do. Its 256 $ a month i just blew out my left knee sunday night without insurance it would have cost 26,000 $ to fix. Everyone needs health insurance. I bet your a republican maybe even a tea party supporter. But u are definitely a douchbag.

BlankTitanic User

@COHockey Riiiight. This is a law from three years ago num duck. The debt ceiling has nothing what-so-ever to do with it. Geeeet yer head out hill-billy.

KCjoker User

@Bill-Shriner-516 @COHockey Do  some research WHY it would have cost 26K....large part is no competition across state lines and we need tort reform...but since the Democrats are in bed with the trial lawyers that's why tort reform wasn't included in Obamacare.  BTW get a good education or learn a skill so you can get a good job and you'd have HC from your employer.

KCjoker User

@BlankTitanic @COHockey Well here's what Obama said when he was a Senator in 2006 and he voted NO to increasing the debt ceiling

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. ... I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

so get your head out demlib