The Daily Wrap: October 15th

Tuesday seems like a fine day, doesn’t it?  Eh, who knows.  But we do know some of the news that’s buzzing today, have a look!

The Cost of Being Sylvester



Ever wonder how hard it is to be Sylvester Stallone? Of course not.  But now you can imagine how hard it must be based on his appearance at New York’s Comic Con where he arrived to do a little promo work for his new movie Escape Plan and was forced to charge fans $395 a piece for autographs and $445 for photos.  Who knew Stallone was so poor?  We have to assume he’s barely making ends meet at those prices.  Hopefully lots of people paid for the autographs and maybe one or two brought him some sandwiches or non-perishable food items he could take home to help sustain him until the next time he needs to promote a movie at an event like this.

For comparison, $220 would get you a photo with both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.  That’s two Starfleet captains for half the price of one Rambo.  Good deal.

No Killing in New York


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Ironically, it’s a sad day when no one being murdered is news, but that’s what happened this weekend in New York.  For a fun change of pace, across all five boroughs, no one died at someone else’s hands and that’s odd enough for the mayor’s office to comment on it and a cop to point out what an anomaly it is because if there’s one thing New York is famous for, it’s all that killin’.

According to stats, 256 people have been murdered in New York this year so far, down from 346 in the same time period last year.  Way to control those urges, everyone!


Dead Stays Dead


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This is a good cautionary tale for those of you with the spirit of wanderlust, or with severe alcohol issues – you can’t disappear for more than three years.  Donald Miller Jr. lost his job in the 1980s and hit the bottle.  In 1986 he just disappeared and after 8 years he was officially declared dead.  However, he turned up again in 2005, completely not dead.  Now he has himself a little more on the level and ready to be responsible again, so he went to court to try to get his social security number and driver’s license back.  Except he can’t.  As a judge informed him, he’s dead.  There’s a three year limit on repealing death notices and that’s long passed, which means he’s legally dead and staying that way as far as the law is concerned because laws must be applied evenly at all times no matter completely idiotic the result.


Fun with Fusion


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The National Ignition Facility is a lab out there trying to make the dream of fusion energy a reality.  In a nutshell, fusion is what happens when you get more energy out of a reaction than you put into it. It’s the reaction that fuels the sun.    It’s never been achieved yet – we lose a lot of energy in trying to make it happen, but the NIF feels like they’re getting closer based on a new experiment where the energy produced was more than that absorbed by the fuel.  Unfortunately the lasers used to start the whole thing took even more energy, but it’s a step closer than we’ve ever been before to the point of ignition, where a reaction kicks off and keeps producing energy that would basically revolutionize energy production and change the world.


Chinese Roach Farmers


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Because of course this happens, there is a massively growing industry of cockroach farms in China, where the bugs are harvested for use in medicine and various other applications that aren’t necessarily healthy or even scientific.  The roaches fetch up to $20 a pound for dried ones that can be ground up and used to treat AIDS, cancer, baldness and who knows what else.  Don’t question the science, just go with it.