The Daily Wrap: October 11th Staff by Staff on Oct. 11, 2013

Is it the end of the week already?  Well alright, time to bust out the beers and nachos and the news!


According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll, only 24% of respondents currently have a favorable opinion of the Republican party thanks to their role in this shutdown and the vast majority of Americans blame them over Barack Obama for what has happened.  The Tea Party is polling at 21% approval, making one wonder why they exist at all anymore.

Worse news for the Republicans is that Obamacare has become more popular since the shutdown.  It’s still not polling favorably, but the numbers are going up and 50% don’t approve of eliminating funding for it altogether, up from 46% before the shutdown.

Obama’s approval rating has stayed stable at 47%, while Senator Ted Cruz, the man who held a pointless all-night pretend filibuster is rocking a 14% rating.  The Democrats as a party are only sitting at 39% but the Republicans’ 24% is the lowest in poll history.  Will any of this stop the shutdown?  Probably not, but if anyone has an ounce of sense it will affect the number of voters who head out to make their feelings heard next time we have an election.


Facebook Privacy is Gone

Because not a lot of people were bothering to keep their profiles private on Facebook, now no one can keep it private.  You have two ways to appreciate Facebook’s new move that makes it basically a Google for people.  The first is to get up in arms the way many people have, angry that Facebook is doing this to their page and letting anyone look through their photos and history.  The second is to appreciate that you don’t have a Facebook page.  No one does.  Mark Zuckerberg and his company, however, have millions of them that you put content on for him. Getting mad when Facebook makes your profile public and allows a Swedish photography company to steal your pictures is like getting mad at Coke for bottle the drink you spent so much time making and selling it to someone else.  It was never yours.

If you’re worried about privacy you can still make every individual thing you post private.  Or just delete Facebook since when’s the last time you ever heard anyone say anything good about Facebook?

Home Amputation Sounds Horrifying

A 47 year old man from China was told by doctors he had an arterial embolism in his leg.  After numerous visits to the hospital he burned through the money he had and could not afford the treatment, which was amputation.  The hospital sent him home with a prognosis of three months to live.  Unable to accept that, the man did what pretty much no one would ever dream of doing and he amputated his leg at home, by himself, with a saw and a kitchen knife.  No word on how he staunched the bleeding but he did bite down on a piece of wood to work through the pain, so hard that he knocked out three of his own teeth.

Now the man has the same problem in his other leg but thanks to the story getting out, a doctor in Shanghai has offered to do the procedure free of charge and, hopefully, with anesthetic.


Unsafe Stamps? Not in America!

An entire run of stamps aimed at getting kids active, because nothing motivates children quite like stamps, is being destroyed thanks to its horribly unsafe message.  Three stamps are deadly awful and will promote terror and suffering such as a kid doing a cannonball, a kid skateboarding without kneepads and one doing a headstand without a helmet.  Call us old fashioned but has anyone ever done a headstand in the history of ever with a helmet?  Has anyone ever mimicked a stamp and gotten hurt?  Do children even know what stamps are in 2013?


Racism in Sports?

The Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins have been in the news this last week as the debate over changing the team names continues.  The basic argument is whether or not the name is racist and some people say there’s history, it’s not meant to be offensive,  and so on and so forth but it does come down to a question – do you have a right to tell someone else what offends them?  And, does that image posted with this, one created by the National Congress of American Indians, have a point?

At the end of the day, they’re right when they suggest Americans would not stand for any other racial group being called out so explicitly.  Is it time for a name change?  If not, why?

majorslack User

Hey, Break - how dumb do you have to be not to understand that by coming across as a left-biased site that you're going to tick off half of your audience?

And how dumb do you have to be to think that ANYBODY gives a crap about what you think about politics?

Pretty dumb, Break.  Pretty darn dumb.

joasis User

So now the word "Indian" is racist? Then i guess we should also ban Cowboys, Texans, Braves, Warriors, Trojans, Irish...  You're an idiot.

Oh, and nice limp-wristed, ass-kissing liberal agenda you're trying to push, too. You just can't help being wrong, can you.

Amanda-Shen-943 User

In the meantime, Ill keep cutting my employees hours below 30 to avoid penalty.  Tell them its not happening. 

the-great-bro-holio User

they could put an nfl team in LA and call them the BEANERS and i still wouldn't give a flying fuck. ethnic mexican, btw.

Shawn-Hicks-25 User

Break Rep dont like things, facts, science and Good points.....your scaring the retards

RiotSt4rt3r User

Look unless India is pissed about the Indians then drop it. The natives wanted to be called Native Americans, they don't get to have 2 names, that would be unequal and racist against the rest of America. Damn hypocrites.

Doro9 User

How is New York YANKEES different from any of those?  

Ron-Wilson-38 User

Post funny videos - not stupid left wing coolaid BS.  If I want to read that shit I will go to PMSNBC - DOUCHEBAG.

Tumbleweed65 User

We do our jobs, now you do yours???? They are doing their jobs, stopping the run away freight train!! Dumb-asses........

Valeasaz User

Hey Break, there's already an overabundance of wannabe journalist, liberal-biased, lefty blogging, Democrat shilling websites out there. I GUARANTEE YOU that NOBODY IN THE WORLD is visiting your site to catch up on politics in America.... N O B O D Y. You really need to stick to what you're mediocre at, which is posting funny videos. 

John-Waters-79 User

You do realize that polls are nothing more than manufactured "news", right?  You can get any outcome you want from a poll simply by wording it in a certain way.  That, coupled with the constant barrage of "Republicans are bad" in the media, along with the general laziness of Americans when it comes to being informed, is why the numbers are what they are.  It has very little, if anything, to do with reality.

jbart321 User

And the Liberal media bias continues.  If you actually back Obama at this point you are either high or still waiting for him to pony up on his promises from his first term.  People need to stop blaming the wrong politicians if they want this fixed.

COHockey User

 More liberal commie propaganda from break. I have been reading posts everywhere and the thunmbs UP and thumbs DOWN.... its easily 4 to 1 people in FAVOR of dumping Obamacare. Stop polling liberal safehouses like NBC and get a REAL opinion of the American people.

O-care is nothing short of screwing the working people to give more free crap to people who refuse to earn it. 

By the way.... how many of you hippies are going to change your outlook when you either pay $695 penalty every year for NOTHING, or pay THOUSANDS to TENS OF THOUSANDS for high-deductible and sub-standard long-wait health service?

bigdogbovy User

A poll that has 24% More democrats in it than republicans favors Obama and doesn't like the GOP congress!!!!!

Shocking.  Look at your source before you post genius

KCjoker User

@Shawn-Hicks-25 Yep, you're a lib...had to resort to 3rd grade name calling.  Repubs do suck, bad news is the dems/obama are even worse which is shocking.

Fortey User

@John-Waters-79 Nothing to do with Ted Cruz?  The GOP's part in shutting down the Government?  John Boehner?  the Tea Party? If America was informed they'd all just hate Dems and not Republicans right now?

legacy27 User

@COHockey It's all evil until somebody loses their job, and their coverage, then get sick and are stuck with the bill.

FubarTime User

@COHockey Jesus, someone drank the Kool-Aid.  Your “REAL” opinion of the American people is ill-advised at best.  Go ahead, respond with Fox News BS.  Fact remains, you are a tool.  Nothing more. Same to you "bigdog" and "passmore".  Blame your parents for raising uneducated, simple minds.  I am sure the Tea Party loves you guys.  This country is so F'ed.

bigdogbovy User

@COHockey the website alone was bid at $93.7 million to build.

Current cost $634 Million and it still doesn't work

Rayko74 User

@bigdogbovy That's because more people are liberal than conservative genius. If polls had to be even balanced they would pointless.  You should really think about what you say before you post, but then you wouldn't be a conservative then.

Break Robot
Break Robot moderator

@bigdogbovy Break Robot Says good thing no one wants to intentionally and obviously rile up any readers with troll bait for a few laughs.  Break Robot is incapable of laughter.

bigdogbovy User

@Rayko74 @bigdogbovy First a Lie, then an Insult.  Yep it's a liberal

Check your facts.  America %40 Identify themselves as Conservative, 35% as Moderate, %21 Liberal.  That's from Gallup

bigdogbovy User

@Cleave-Stallone-56 @bigdogbovy No fan of the republicans, I'm a constitutional conservative,  not many republican congressmen reflect that.  Not a fan of biased polls being passed off as "news" to manipulate public opinion.  People may not like the shutdown but they want obamacare and socialism even less.