The Daily Wrap: November 7th

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to loosen the tie (or your belt, whatever) and ease into the slack fest that makes up your Friday before the weekend comes ‘round.  Enjoy the news!

Justin Bieber Can’t Stop Being Awful



We’ll start this post with a disclaimer – the things you are about to read are alleged only.  There’s no definitive proof.  That said, as Justin Bieber offends the sensibilities of South America, there are a hell of a lot of stories in his wake that are almost entirely about him and prostitutes.  First it was a Panamanian prostitute, then a Brazilian brothel and now there is video, which I refuse to embed here because it’s lame and uninteresting and just depicts Justin Bieber asleep before the girl filming it turns the camera on herself and blows him a kiss, which many more people are speculating is also a prostitute.

Listen, I’m no multi-millionaire musical atrocity with bad tattoos, I don’t know what life is like for him but I do have enough knowledge of how the world works to know that a kid like Justin Bieber doesn’t need to pay random South American women to have sex with him.  Even if you discounted all of his underaged fans, no matter how much it irks the rest of us, there are enough women; legal aged, attractive women, in the world who would eagerly bone the Biebs that he’d never have to stop having sex for the rest of his life and be able to try a different woman every 10 minutes.  This whole prostitute thing sounds fishy.

That said, I also don’t think Justin Bieber is very bright, so all of this could be 100% true.

Say Goodbye to Blockbuster


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Did you know Blockbuster still had stores?  They so did.  But not anymore.  The company has decided to finally bury the rotting corpse of their business once and for all and accept that video rental is a thing of the past.  If you have a VHS copy of Gremlins 2 then brother, that thing is yours now. 

Subsidizing Billionaires


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A new report has shown that numerous millionaires and billionaires have been receiving government farm subsidies, potentially proving that no one got rich by being honest or even decent.  People like the owner of Chick-Fil-A, a Microsoft co-founder, Charles Schwab and more received over $11 million in subsidies from 2005 to 2012.  The collective net worth of the subsidized rich folks is over $300 billion.  Why are rich people getting farm subsidies, you might ask?  That’s a fine question and not even all the billionaires in question know the answer as at least one didn’t even know his company was getting subsidies at all.  So that probably makes you feel good about where your tax dollars go – to a rich guy who doesn’t know he’s even getting it.


Breakfast?  Nope, Trash


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A 12 year old student in Texas was 30 cents short on his breakfast bill, he has an account set up which ran just short of the total needed to buy breakfast, so the school responded in the only way they could when faced with a 30 cent deficit, they threw the entire breakfast in the trash.

The boy called his mom who told the school she’d come and pay for it but of course that’s operating on credit and wouldn’t work.  That meal was trash bound.  The school’s defense is that parents get written warnings when the account runs low, but none of that explains why they threw away an entire meal over 30 cents and let a kid go hungry when the same thing wouldn’t happen in a prison.


Watch Out for Meteors


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Looks like meteors are way more common than we had previously guessed, thanks to people actually taking the time to count how often we get hit by meteors.  Who saw that coming?  Previous data on meteor strikes was basically just from telescopes – observed data.  Now, researchers have used infrasound sensors around the globe, the kind used to detect nuclear weapons, and have determined we get hit with a hell of a lot of meteors like the one that blazed across Russia last year.

The frequency of meteor strikes from space rocks that are 10m in size and bigger is anywhere from two to 10 times more than previously assumed based on telescopic evidence, thanks to a number of them blowing up over the ocean.  About 60 meteors the size of the one that hit Russia have hit the Earth in the last 20 years, much more than was previously guessed.  This new data also suggests that really big meteors, like the one that leveled thousands of square miles in Tunguska in 1908, probably show up every few hundred years rather than a few thousand years.