The Daily Wrap: November 22nd

Well isn’t that something, it’s Friday!  And hey, next week is Thanksgiving so that means you probably don’t have to work another Friday until December and December means Christmas and that means present!  What’d ya get us? We got you the news.

Trespassing at Work

There’s a man named Earl Sampson who has been stopped by Miami Gardens police nearly 300 times in four years. Of those 300, 62 times have been for trespassing.  Where does poor Earl trespass?  The 207 Quickstop.  Why does Earl keep going there if he’s getting arrested for trespassing so much?  Because he works there.

In none of the nearly 300 times police have stopped him, the 100 times they have searched him and the 56 times they have jailed him has a charge ever actually stuck except once for possession of marijuana.  Turns out, Miami Gardens just has possibly the worst police in all of America (and that includes Detroit) who will routinely stop and charge just about anyone who isn’t white with anything they can think of.

Earl isn’t the only victim of this as employees and customers alike of the 207 Quickstop get the same treatment, provided they’re black.  The owner of the store, which has never even been robbed, installed security cameras to protect him and his employees and customers, not from criminal, but from the police.

Tapes show police aggressively searching numerous people with no charges ever being laid or followed up on, warrantless searches of the Quickstop itself and police reports that do not match what is shown on the tapes.

The store’s owner and his lawyer are filing a lawsuit against the police department .


The Manson Family Gets Bigger


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Charles Manson, noted serial killer and lunatic, is getting married to a girl 54 years younger than him who is clearly also crazy but in a sadder, more depressing way. Manson, you may recall, is in prison and is likely to never get out due to his aforementioned lunacy.  The man carved a swastika into his own head.  This hasn’t put off his crazy fiancé however, who moved next to the state prison that houses Manson so she could be closer to her insane boyfriend. 

Star, not her real name, does exactly what Manson tells her to do and pretty much behaves the way a mush-brained cultist follower behaves, which means you probably want to keep an eye on her since Manson has a way of convincing the weak minded to murder people for him.  It’s a testament to his creepy powers, however, since after all these year in jail he apparently can still control people with ease.

This will be Manson’s third wife although when Manson himself was asked about it, he seemed to think it was more of a PR stunt that his future maybe wife, who is very into the whole thing.


Save the Date (for Mars)

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2018 is when the first manned mission to Mars will get underway and will mark the first time in the history of our species that a human will make it to another planet.  Yeah, we did the moon, but this is Mars.  Another planet!  That’s cool stuff.

The mission is actually through a private agency an sorta kinda is hoping NASA will help them out by offering equipment, expertise and federal funding, so it’s just as likely nothing at all is going to happen in 2018, but at least they planned it.  Can’t just make plans based on nothing.  Oh wait, yes you can.  We’ll see in about 4 years, anyway.


Joe Biden: Sandwich Bandit

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Vice President Joe Biden ran out to get himself and the President a sandwich, because that’s what the Vice President does for a living, and found the only way to make that story more embarrassing – he had to borrow money to pay for it.

It’s possible Biden gets all the free sandwiches he wants in the White House so he forget to bring his lunch money to Capriotti’s, but whatever the case, he had to borrow a $10 from his assistant to manage his $56 tab, which seems a bit high for four sandwiches, but who knows, maybe he got soup as well.


Terrible People Camping Stores

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There are already tents set up outside the Best Buy in Akron, Ohio as shoppers get in line to be first in for Black Friday next week.  The man willing to spend 7 days in line in a tent doesn’t even know what he wants to buy, making his place in line that much stupider but hey, at least he’s not out in the world ruining something for the rest of us.

Black Friday, you recall, is the day when greed trumps shame and people are literally willing to murder strangers in an effort to get a really good deal on electronics.  Traditionally one or two people will be stomped to death in crowds or tazed by police as things get out of hand, but apparently that’s just charming tradition now and a fun thing to be a part of, it’s just disguised as bottom of the barrel human depravity.