The Daily Wrap: November 19th Staff by Staff on Nov. 19, 2013

Man it feels good to be a Tuesday. That’s about as far as I choose to parody that song.  Instead, let’s head into the news!

Tracking Boston Cops


Boston police cars are being outfitted with GPS tracking so that dispatchers can follows cars on the street in real time, rather than waiting for a radio call in.  It’s hard to decide if it’s surprising or unsurprising to hear that cops, in general, aren’t a fan of this idea because of it being an invasion of privacy and may potentially disrupt the way they do work.  Except realistically, if you’re on the job, why do you need privacy?  The only concrete example given deals with meeting shady informants somewhere but if that’s the case, shouldn’t the officer be free to just tell his supervisor that’s what he was doing?  Or do Boston police meet with shady informants so off the record even other cops don’t know about it?

While arguably no one wants to be tracked or monitored (even though we all are, don’t forget), it seems less invasive to do it to police, who are doing a job anyway and, in light of numerous and frequent abuses, probably need more oversight anyway.


Black Friday Protest

Nothing beats a protest organized on the internet!  This Black Friday, a number of protests against Wal Mart are being planned around the country in response to Wal Mart’s continued employment issues that have plagued the retailer for several decades now. Plagued in the way people complain about them yet the store continues to be insanely successful because the vast majority of consumers don’t actually care that most Wal Mart employees make under $25K a year.

The protest seems to be focusing mostly on how many employees need to subsidize their income, through food stamps and other programs, which in turn cost us, as taxpayers, money.  And how Wal Mart has a history of firing people who complain about poor hours or low pay.  If you feel like joining, check out the protest website.  Also, feel free to see if your local Wal Mart is running  food drive for its own employees this year, as some of them are, in a stunning bit of acknowledgment to the fact they employ people who can’t afford to feed their families.


Crack Mayor Crackdown



You knew the rollercoaster had to stop sometime and it mostly has for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  The chubby little nutball, after smoking crack, being an admitted drunk, pissing in public, reading while driving, cursing out anyone and everyone, talking oral sex with the press, visiting hookers and nearly destroying a Toronto politician by running her over, has had his powers stripped by the city council.  The Mayor lost many of his political powers yesterday but none of his powers of madness as he also recently gave an interview in which he said he’d like to run for Prime Minister of Canada someday.  That’s like Charlie Sheen proclaiming he’d like to be President. 

The Booty Lounge Will Return

The Booty Lounge, a mobile strip club from Detroit, back when Detroit was still sort of a city, is going to make a comeback at some Lions games.  The Lounge vanished back in 2011 but is promising on its Facebook page to make a comeback at a future Lions tailgate party.  And let’s be honest, Detroit needs this.  All the city has is the Lions right now, give them a bus full of strippers with no one complaining about it.

If we were in Detroit, we’d so be there.


Burning Potty


A man suffered serious burns after being found in a flaming porta-potty in a park.  A state trooper saw the burning outhouse and used his fire extinguisher to put out the blaze enough that he could get to the man inside.  The victim has life-threatening burns and was taken to a nearby burn unit.  Police aren’t sure what happened yet but the idea of attempted suicide is on the table and, if that’s what happened, damn.  Just damn.

Nate-John-870 User

Hmm boston cops don't want gps trackers on them ... truckers, cabbies and basically everyone who drives on the job is tracked, why shouldnt the cops be tracked? they will sure use the tracking system to find the people they are looking for whilst they are at work.

Mike-Emmons-39 UserTop Commenter

how long til the first boston cop is caught letting a homeless person drive him around while he naps, to fool the gps?

Alina354 User

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COHockey User

Gee, maybe WalMart should either A). Tell their shareholders to expect less millions next quarter so they can pay their people better, or B). Their employees could stop buying iPhones and TV's and rims for their cars and use their OWN money for FOOD, HOUSING, UTILITIES..... and if that isn't enough quality of life, then GO TO SCHOOL and/or GET A BETTER JOB... or C). Ignore the "problem" of all the lazy child-bearing leeches on welfare nowadays and just screw over our senior citizens again and again.

asshole1000 User

Next time my boss tries to see what I'm doing I'll be like "hey I'm at work here, where the fuck's my privacy?"

BlankTitanic UserTop Commenter

Wow...Walmart has food drives for their employees...Jesus.

Rick_S User

So we can GPS track our truck drivers, but not our cops?  That seems a little lop sided to me.

Mike-Emmons-39 UserTop Commenter

I know, I know. people are reading this as thinking "what about the smell Mike?" I am sure the homeless people will get used to it.

TrashyTroll User

@COHockey Says the guy whose mommy and daddy pampered them through college. LOL. Do you understand how little they are payed? You cant afford an "iPhone or rims" on that pay. Get a life, keyboard politician