The Daily Wrap: November 15th

We made it to another Friday, good job team. No let’s split up, find the booze, and then meet back here on Monday.  But first, the news!

Spike Lee Still Sucks

We recently told you about an elderly couple who, after Spike Lee mistakenly Tweeted their address as the address of George Zimmerman, filed a lawsuit for $15,000 for harassment as a result of people thinking Zimmerman lived there.  Now two years ago Lee apologized to them and settled for $10,000. However, the harassment continued and they routinely receive hate mail and death threats, especially in the wake of Zimmerman’s trial.  So they want an additional $15k.  Lee, however, has basically told them to cram it.  He paid them once and his lawyers want the case dismissed claiming this continued harassment should have been foreseeable.

One side of the coin says yes, Lee did take care of this once, the problem is over, they don’t get a second bite of the apple.  On the other hand, Lee’s stupid mistake continues to cause them damage.  They’re continuing to be victimized as a result of his actions, so you’d figure he should be liable for that.  But hey, we’ve never hot headedly Tweeted someone’s address for the purpose of letting people know where to find a guy for the purpose of assaulting and/or killing him, so we don’t know how this stuff works.

Chemo Stinks

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Kerri Mascareno has stage four breast cancer.  She’s undergoing chemotherapy in an effort to stay alive to be a mom for her three daughters.  And now her daughter’s school has banned her from being on the property because of the smell she gives off.  Chemo, as you may know, has as one of many unfortunate side effects, a rather unpleasant odor. The principal of Mascareno’s daughter’s elementary school has informed her that the smell is making people ill and she is no longer welcome on the property.  In fact, even outside the school he stood at his window and told her he could still smell her and she needed to move further away.

Mascareno was later informed that if she wanted to attend the school’s Thanksgiving dinner she would have to sit in the office instead of the cafeteria with everyone else.  However, once the media got wind of the story, she was told the cafeteria would be a-ok.


Don’t Poop on the Floor

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If the show Hoarders on A&E has taught us nothing else it’s that there’s no end to the number of people willing to continue to go to the bathroom in their home when they don’t have plumbing.  This happened again in West Boca when police were responding to a cal about an elderly woman in distress when they discovered a house with so much urine and feces on the floor they claimed there was nowhere to step within getting poop on your shoe.  And, as a it turned out, there was a 10 year old boy living in the house.

Authorities removed the boy and have charged his mother, a nurse at an animal clinic, with child neglect.


This is One Massive Child Pornography Investigation

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A three year, multi-national investigation has lead to about 350 arrests related to a Toronto film company, all of them relating to child pornography.  Among those arrested include 40 teachers, six law enforcement, 9 pastors or priests, a number of doctors and nurses and several foster parents.  Just your daily reminder that the world is a sick place.  On the upside, 380 children have been rescued from sexual abuse, so that’s something.


Fifty Shades of Gross

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Experts in bacteriology and toxicology decided to do a little experiment by testing the ten most popular books at the Antwerp library.  All ten books tested positive for traces of cocaine and, as an added bonus, 50 Shades of Grey was also contaminated with the herpes virus.  Someone rubber their herpes on a library book.  Have a good weekend!