The Daily Wrap: November 13th

Is it time for Hump Day jokes again?  Gods no, we don’t do those here.  This isn’t a soccer mom blog. Unless soccer moms come to Break.  Are you a soccer mom?  You wanna go out sometime?  Maybe after you read the news?




What’s 9%?  A horribly failing grade? A barely significant percentage?  A hilariously forgettable amount of anything?  It’s all these things and it’s also the approval rating of Congress.  There are 9 people in one hundred who apparently haven’t heard of Congress yet who still approve of the job they’re doing.

Now is an unprecedented time in history when, if we’re honest, we should all agree that everyone in the government is terrible in every way on both side of the political spectrum.  Die hard Republicans and Dems will still support their own side despite the obvious  but 9% doesn’t lie.  91% of everyone is pretty dissatisfied.


Lawsuit: A Spike Lee Joint


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Spike Lee, as you may know, is kind of an idiot.  In a grand testament to this idiocy, during the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco, Lee went on Twitter to tweet George Zimmerman’s home address.  This is stupid for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that it was obviously meant for the purpose of sending people to Martin’s house to harass or attack the man, something we’d never allow in a less racially charged scenario, like if a rich white guy murdered another rich white guy on a golf course.  In fact, Lee actually recommended killing Zimmerman in the tweet that featured the address.  But oh well, that’s not how it went down.  It was a full on racial incident, and Lee decided the solution was for a filmmaker to expose the home of the would-be killer.  Only he didn’t.

Spike Lee tweeted the address of an elderly couple who had nothing to do with George Zimmerman.  Nearly a quarter of a million of his followers had access to the address and began to send hate mail, make threatening phone calls and generally harass the couple because, by the laws of Twitter, an idiot like Lee must have even stupider followers it seems.  Initially the couple agreed to a settlement, but after Zimmerman’s acquittal, everything started again. 

Even though Lee doesn’t deserve a break, it’s nice to see that the couple are suing for about $15,000, rather than the millions you might expect. They’re not looking to get rich, they just don’t want some jerk ruining their lives.


The Craziest Abduction Story Ever


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In 1979, David Barrick was abducted from his home in Chicago by his father.  His father then took the boy, who was three, to Mexico, where he stayed with his paternal grandparents.  His father had little to do with his son’s upbringing, apparently he abducted him just to hurt his mother, and the boy was raised to speak Spanish and believe his mother had abandoned him.  Flash forward to the present and Barrick is trying to come to America with some border jumpers who get caught.  Barrick explains he was born in America but on his journey he was robbed and doesn’t even have Mexican ID anymore.  They hunt own his birth certificate and, sure enough, he was born in Chicago.  After 34 years, he’s able to track down his mother and the two are set to be reunited again after so long.




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How do you handle a cabbie you think is trying to rip you off?  If you’re this fellow in California who fell asleep on a 20 minute ride home and assumed that, somehow during that 20 minutes, the cabbie screwed you good, you get out of the cab, go into your house, get your didgeridoo and rain holy hell down onto that cab like an enraged aboriginal person who’s never heard of weapons before.

According to the report, the unwieldy, Australian instrument actually dented the car and now the musical madman is being charged with vandalism.


Sextortion Doesn’t Pay


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A 19 year old from California is probably heading prison thanks to his not so bright plan to hack the computers of several women and take nude photos of them with their web cams, including Miss Teen USA.  Jared Abrahams was attempting to extort women from all over the world and had used webcams to take photos of several before contacting them via e-mail with the images and explaining that he would put them on Facebook and other social networks for everyone to see if the girls didn’t agree to do as he asked, which was basically take more nude photos and video for him.  Apparently at least two women agreed, but Miss Teen USA doesn’t take extortion lightly and contacted police.

As a result of a plea agreement, Abrahams is looking at 27-33 months in federal prison where he may become the new Miss Teen USA .