The Daily Wrap: November 11th Staff by Staff on Nov. 11, 2013

Welcome to a new week and to Veterans Day.  If you have some time today, don’t just go in for the minute of silence, take a minute to read up on why we were even in World War 1 and the sheer numbers that were lost on all sides.

The Destruction of Haiyan





As expected, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines with brutal and unheard of force over the weekend.  The winds, on par with a category 5 tornado, destroyed almost everything.  Whole towns have been leveled and while the official death toll is around 1500, officials are expecting that number to increase dramatically as the slow clean up progresses and the number who have died in collapsed buildings and from drowning is discovered.  As it stands now, amidst the devastation, bodies can be seen just about everywhere.  If you can help out, trust a reliable organization like the Red Cross who will make sure your donation makes a difference.

What Causes Cancer Again?





Rep Carolyn McCarthy has lung cancer. While that’s an awful thing to endure, in an effort to prove just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you’re a good person, McCarthy is now suing any company that’s even heard the word “asbestos” for giving her the illness, despite never having worked with asbestos herself.  Her claim is that, when she was a child (she’s 69 now, incidentally) her father and brother worked in factories that used asbestos and brought home fibers on their clothes that have now given her cancer. As an aside, she’s been a heavy smoker for 40 years and is known to actually to take breaks between votes in Congress to have a smoke.  But yeah, asbestos gave her cancer, so she’s now suing Goodyear, Pfizer, Con Ed and about 70 more.


Russians Know How to Protest





When it comes to political activism, you’ll hear a lot of people on our side of the world lament the signing of useless online petitions and how no one does anything “real” to affect change.  Maybe we can take inspiration from Pyotr Pavlensky, a Russian performance artist who, in an effort to protest apathy and political indifference sat down naked in Red Square in Moscow and nailed his scrotum to the ground.  With a nail.

For his part, Pyotr says he’s opposing Russia’s descent into a police state which requires nails in scrotums.  He was taken to a hospital after about an hour and then, after they put a bandaid on it or whatever you do for such an injury, he was off to the police station.

Batman bin Suparman: Villain





In a sad turn of events, Batman, son of Suparman, has been arrested in Singapore for thievery, breaking into houses and drug offenses.  He’s been a busy little hero.  Luckily Singapore doesn’t mess around and Batman will be in prison for the next two years and 9 months.


Ashley Madison Causes Carpal Tunnel





A woman in Toronto is suing Ashley Madison, the website where married people can go to have affairs, because she says they hired her to write 1000 fake profiles for women to lure men into joining the site and was given only three weeks to do it. The resulting damage to her wrists and forearms left her unable to work and the company didn’t reply for to her requests for wrist supports.  So now she’s suing for $20 million and claiming she had no idea she was helping the company commit fraud, rather she had been lead to believe fake profiles was standard industry practice, and the company was unduly enriched at the cost of her suffering. 

Ashley Madison wouldn’t do something seedy like that though, would it?

KCjoker User

Romney sucks but he didn't cheat on his taxes..he used tax write offs that the idiots(Repub&Dem) wrote into law on purpose.


two stories of suits, very nice extremist self entitlement there people

NitalieSmith12 User

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Chris De Greek
Chris De Greek

This picture is so old, that the guy who owns the passport changed his name to Hulk Spiderman

Rick_S User

Nailing your balls to the ground is not "performance art," it's a sign of mental health issues.

COHockey User

Idiot suing for lung cancer despite her life choices is THE MAIN problem with this litigation obsessed society. Screw her. People get rich for made up BS and the cost is passed on to US, not the shareholders.

hugodog User

@COHockey yeah , i was really hoping she wasnt a democrat bc im so opposed to tort reform but ... i guess i can say that all politicians are crooks it would just be nice if they would accept the windfall they already get at our expense and not try to cash in all the time. i will argue that this happens on both sides of the aisle though. for instance the storys of the people in charge of the shutdown accepting paychecks. i must admit that happend on both sides too. See i agree with you even though we have different views!