The Daily Wrap: July 31st

It’s the last day of July so we’ll try to make it worth your while as we scour the news for the stories you need to know about today.

Digging a Hole for Weiner

First, sorry we keep writing about this guy.  You’d think the world revolved around New York or something but man, has anyone ever run a campaign for office this badly?  Anthony Weiner, again, in the news.  This time his director of communications, Barbara Morgan, went on a completely insane tirade about a former intern who wrote a tell-all article that made the campaign look bad (must have racked her brain to do that).  Here are some of the best quotes from the director of communications, edited for sensitive audiences;

  • C**t
  • Sl**bag
  • Tw*t
  • Bulls**t
  • F**k
  • The unnecessary use of the word “like” over a dozen times.  Like, oh my god, like, really?

No word yet from Weiner himself but presumably he’s been sexting and panicking all night.

Fear X-Keyscore

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It’s been a while since Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal made you uncomfortable, so here’s this story.  The NSA has a program called X-Keyscore.  What does it do?  Well, spies on you obviously, but more specifically it spies on you online.  Every email, every chat, every web page you visit, is monitored and saved by X-Keyscore. 

The government saved it all.  Everything you ever did.  It’s there right now.  Every website and chat.  If you’re like the average Break employee, you only solace is that, if an NSA employee actually looks through your history, they may become mildly queasy and you can count that as a personal victory.


The TSA Ain’t A-OK

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In case you never travel by plane or read news, you may be unaware that the TSA, which curiously does not stand for Tough S**t  A**holes, are not really that great at their jobs keeping airports secure.  Or rather, while they may keep airports secure, they’re even better at not doing their jobs properly.  A new report suggests that TSA misconduct is up 26% over the last three years.  What counts as misconduct?

  • Sleeping on the job
  • Letting friends and family pass without screening
  • Leaving work for no reason
  • Stealing

Of 9000 incidents of misconduct, over 1900 were considered bad enough to pose security risks.


The Village of the Sex Offenders

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In South Florida there’s a tiny town called Miracle Village.  Only about 200 people live there and more than half of them are registered sex offenders.  Due to Florida laws about how close a registered sex offender can live to a school, a library, a bus stop, or just children in general, this little town in the middle of nowhere was pretty much converted to a sex offender safe haven, a place that conforms to the laws and welcomes those looking for a place.  They actually receive applications from sex offenders who want to live somewhere.

The entire story is kind of bizarre, with a lot of the offenders working with local churches, playing in bands, hanging out with each other at therapy sessions, and then you read there are still a few kids in town and people who lived there before this started to happen and it kind of makes you feel weird and wonder if there are other towns like this out there. 


Get Your Drink On In NYC

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Back to New York again, this time to focus on the real mayor, not the people running for office.  Remember when Mayor Bloomberg made news for banning Big Gulps because New York had solved all of its problems and had nothing but large sodas to worry about?  Well, a court just found that ban unconstitutional.  The Founding Fathers didn’t escape the tyranny of England just to have someone tell them they can’t drink 60 ounces of Dr. Pepper whenever they want.

Naturally the mayor’s office is going to appeal because that’s how government works, do something until someone tells you it’s wrong, then whine and complain until you find someone who agrees with you.