The Daily Wrap: July 29th Staff by Staff on Jul. 29, 2013

The weekend is over but don’t worry if you missed out on the big news because we got your back, man.  We got this!  Here’s what’s buzzing that you need to know about.

Pope is OK With Gay

Because the new Pope exists solely to not be the old Pope and maybe really annoy super traditional Catholics, he’s come out in a press conference (not as gay) to say that he would not judge a member of the clergy based on their sexual orientation.  The exact quote was "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" which is remarkably decent and progressive of the leader of a major world religion that bases most of its beliefs on ideas from 2000 years ago.


Jewel Heist Still Happen

It’s rare you hear about a heist these days but it’s delightful when one pops up because it sounds glamorous and European and you kind of hope maybe Matt Damon and George Clooney were involved.  That said, this heist was on the French Riviera (so far so good) and involved a lone gunman stealing $50 million in jewels.

To make things slightly cooler, the heist happened at the hotel where Alfred Hitchcock filmed “To Catch a Thief” starring Cary Grant and happened just after a member of a notorious gang of jewel thieves escaped from a Swiss prison.  So this will absolutely be a movie one day.


Fox Sucks

Oh man, FOX News, you need to step up your game.  FOX interviewed religious scholar and author Reza Aslan and the result is that a clip of the interview is on pretty much every website ever.  Because it was a great interview?  Interesting topic?  Something unexpected happened?  Oh no, because it’s potentially the worst interview in the history of ever as the FOX news anchor makes herself look like the most ignorant fool to ever get in front of a camera and question how a Muslim could write a book about Jesus as though she were wondering why someone would train a monkey to drive a car.  It’s completely idiotic and by the end she still doesn’t get it while Aslan and the audience are left shaking their heads.

This Saudi is Outie

Saudi Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud has defected from the royal family of Saudi Arabia, basically calling the ruling party corrupt like nobody’s business and accusing them of running the country not according to law or Islam but according to their own whims and desires.


The Spanish Train Disaster Charges

The driver of the train that killed 79 people has been formally charged with 79 counts of homicide and numerous counts of causing bodily harm as a result of his professional recklessness.  Not much else to say about that except, if he’s true he was speeding through that curve just because he enjoyed pushing the train too fast, he deserves whatever he gets.

eldystar User

Former Altar boy (unmolested 8^()  People need to start thinking for themselves it is 2013 you take from religions what is good for you and your family and community and leave all the other crap in the past.   The U.S. needs to start the march out of the dark ages we are in .

TacoLoco User

holy shit, two questions in and the fox news bitch has already branded herself an unthinking and intellectually inept cum dumpster, i have to assume she is still good for sex just not high brow conversation

TacoLoco User

i wouldn't expect anything less from the pope...i mean he is the leader of the largest pedophile ring on the planet so why not embrace homosexuality

TheeAthis User

  "which is remarkably decent and progressive of the leader of a major world religion that bases most of its beliefs on ideas from 2000 years ago."

Not sure what to make of your comment. You do understand, that all the Pope said was exactly what Jesus taught right?  Progressive? I'd say, honest to the teachings of Christ. People get too caught up on, "what sin is worse", when in the eyes of God sin is equal across the board. That being the case, by all rights, any one who believes in Christianity shouldn't be judging someone else just because they sin different than they do. This is the first Pope in a very very long time that actually follows true Christianity. 

As a last note, I am a Christian myself. I respect all other religions, sexual orientations and beliefs. I judge no one because I myself will be judged. Having said that, I sure wish Atheists would show the same respect back to those of us who do not judge or disrespect their views.

Dan-Shea-464 User

The woman that did the interview on FOX news was an idiot. That doesn't mean that FOX news sucks.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Well, that's the problem when you try to talk with someone with not enough culture to understand you can actually see famous people from an historical point of view regardless of religion. Perhaps the news host at FOX should've read the book first, but that's too much to ask.


If it were a christian writing a book on Mohammed Rachel Maddow would be a class act right? oh, wait, she isnt capable of that. Sorry.

COHockey User

Fox isn't any worse than these militant liberal crap shoveling networks such as NBC.

Anchored User

I have to say that Reza Aslan may be trying to convince everyone he is totally objective and impartial, but if he truly is a Muslim (and not just someone who adapts religion to his lyfestyle chocies) this is impossible.

Everyone who follows a faith has an agenda.

kingdomofnothing User

FOX News has a way to go to reach CNN's retard level...

"It's As Though A Bomb Had Dropped Somewhere" -Susan Candiotti reporting live from Watertown.

eldystar User

@TacoLoco The priests used to have free reign on the nuns till that was shut down where do you expect them to get their jollies?

boiset User

@TheeAthis i think you should seriously think about the fact that you're not a christian. First, every sin is not the same in God's eyes, he never once says that. Christ himself says multiple times certain people have greater sins than others. John 19:11 Matt. 11:21-22 are two out of many. Plus it just doesnt take much thought to say, stealing an apple or killing a man... hmmm i wonder which is worse. It's obvious. And Christ was not a respecter of religions, to follow Christ means to tell other religions that without Christ as God's son, and without the trinity, and without the belief in the bible... that their religion is wrong. 


@COHockey They've even changed the weather channel since they bought it... Wonder why...

Foqnax User

@Anchored To be fair, in order to be completely objective and impartial, one would more or less have to be a computer.

TheeAthis User

Who are you to judge my love for Christ? I didn't post this to debate you, although you clearly are Exactly what gives Christians a bad name. You Have the "I are greater than thou" syndrome. Pointing out I'm not a Christian? What would you know about me? What do you know about my heart? I posted some information so you can educate your self a little. I would suggest you go back and seriously read up on the teachings of Christ.

TheeAthis User

@boiset@TheeAthisQuestion: "Are all sins equal to God?"

In Matthew 5:21-28, Jesus equates committing adultery with having lust in your heart and committing murder with having hatred in your heart. However, this does not mean the sins are equal. What Jesus was trying to get across to the Pharisees is that sin is still sin even if you only want to do the act, without actually carrying it out. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day taught that it was okay to think about anything you wanted to, as long as you did not act on those desires. Jesus is forcing them to realize that God judges a person’s thoughts as well as his actions. Jesus proclaimed that our actions are the result of what is in our hearts (Matthew 12:34).

So, although Jesus said that lust and adultery are both sins, that does not mean they are equal. It is much worse to actually murder a person than it is to simply hate a person, even though they are both sins in God’s sight. There are degrees to sin. Some sins are worse than others. At the same time, in regard to both eternal consequences and salvation, all sins are the same. Every sin will lead to eternal condemnation (Romans 6:23). All sin, no matter how “small,” is against an infinite and eternal God, and is therefore worthy of an infinite and eternal penalty. Further, there is no sin too “big” that God cannot forgive it. Jesus died to pay the penalty for sin (1 John 2:2). Jesus died for all of our sins (2 Corinthians 5:21). Are all sins equal to God? Yes and no. In severity? No. In penalty? Yes. In forgivability? Yes.

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