The Daily Wrap: July 17th

It’s Hump Day, your week is half done.  Don’t let visions of a weekend full of chicken wings and Xbox slow your progress though, you can persevere and we can help by dishing up the most important stories you need to get you through the day.

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is not only still a magazine, it’s still able to stir up a bee’s nest as demonstrated by their decision to put Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of their latest issue.  You know how usually it’s a rock star on the cover?  Yeah, now it’s a murderer!  Or a terrorist, depending on how you feel like looking at it (allegedly).  Point is, most people look at it like Rolling Stone deciding to glamorize a criminal.  Of course we can also say “allegedly” here because he hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet.  Just, you know, given the whole shootout business one who was new to this story might be forgiven for believing this guy was obviously guilty and then wondering why he gets the Rock Star treatment in a magazine about music.

B37 Is Not a Bingo

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Juror B37, famed juror from the George Zimmerman trial who is seeking a book deal already because it’s hard to weed out greedy jerkoffs during the process of selecting a jury, has been shunned by the rest of the jurors who want you to know she’s speaking for herself and her opinions are only hers.  The juror spoke with Anderson Cooper about how they came to a decision but it sounds like maybe she’s glossing over some of the concerns other jurors had when they all acknowledge it was hard for them to do and the death of Trayvon Martin weighed on them.  Man, this case is just never going away.


Bieber Spit

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For the second time, Justin Bieber has been accused of using saliva to make a point by spitting on someone.  Not so long ago, a neighbor confronted him about racing his fancy boy car in their gated community and says Bieber spit in his face.  Now, a guy working at a club where Bieber was in attendance says his bouncers at first accused him of taking pictures and then Bieber explained to the fellow how both of his parents were bitches and he, therefore, was also genetically a bitch, before spitting right in his face.  The man says it got in his mouth and eyes so he went and got checked for Hep C because at this point in his career, people are convinced Justin Bieber has diseases. 

Of course these are all just accusations and Bieber denies them, but Bieber probably would have denied pissing in that mop bucket if someone hadn’t taped it.


Gay Ol’ England

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The Queen has decided that gay marriage is kosher in England, so finally the Spice Girls can form a sexy 5 way like we always hoped they would.  Unless 5 way gay marriage is still on the outs.  Oh well, baby steps.

Drone Hunters

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A small town in Colorado is pondering the idea of selling drone hunting licenses to citizens and visitors to the small town.  For $25, you can use a shotgun and lead, steel or depleted uranium rounds to bring down a drone flying at 1,000 feet or lower in three shots or less.  If it takes more than three shots it just means you can’t use your weapon properly.  And if you shoot down a toy plane you have to reimburse the owner.  Oh, and you can also only shoot the drone if you think it’s stalking you or if it looks like it’s following someone.