The Daily Wrap: August 28th Staff by Staff on Aug. 28, 2013

We made it to Hump Day, isn’t that exciting?  Not really, happens every week.  But news like this doesn’t!

He Had a Dream

50 years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave one of the most famous speeches in American history.  Feel free to speculate on how he’d feel about America of 2013 and any progress we’ve made.  King’s speech was only one of many that day, focusing on equality for African Americans including the right to attend schools, get paid higher wages and public-works programs.  Today, a lot of what King wanted for his people are the sorts of things that people who work in fast food or at Wal Mart are clamoring for – the right to be treated like a human being, and paid of wage that can keep them alive.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Foot in Mouth Disease

Ever heard of a sourtoe cocktail?  At some point in time, someone discovered a toe preserved in alcohol and presumably shrugged and drank the booze anyway, thus creating the Sourtoe.  Somehow this tradition survived in Dawson City up in Canada where the Sourtoe Cocktail was a local legend of sorts.  A drinker is required to do a shot and let the toe touch their lips.  However, an American tourist (USA! USA!) decided that was for pansies and swallowed the entire toe.

A sign on the bar warned of a $500 fine for swallowing the toe, so the man dropped the $500 on the bar and left, like some kind of bad ass, toe-eating super hero.


McChicken Wings

First, this is actually news reported in numerous media outlets.  Second, McDonalds is going to start selling chicken wings.  That’s pretty much the whole story – they’re real wings from real chickens and you’ll be able to buy them nationwide starting in September.  There’s not much else going on, they’re not magic or from exotic chickens or anything, they’re the same wings you can buy at the grocery store or probably every single bar and restaurant for 100 miles in any direction.  But now they have a “Mc” in the name.


Starbucks and Sucks

Remember all the jokes you’ve heard about Starbucks?  Here’s some cause for a new one.  A barista at a Seattle Starbucks, who has to be on food stamps to get by as he doesn’t make enough money to pay his bills, was recently fired for garbage picking.  Starbucks, like any food vendor, has to remove stock once it has been out too long.  At this store, an employee had just removed some breakfast sandwiches for sale and thrown them in the trash.  They were wrapped sandwiches that were being destroyed at the end of the day.  The barista, who hadn’t eaten that day after a 7 hour shift, figured it’d be OK if he took one.  Turns out he was wrong. His manager fired him the next week after calling HR and learning that what he did qualified as stealing.

Starbucks itself say it is not policy to fire an employee for this and that the issue isn’t stealing, it’s that product that has been “marked out” is a safety issue.  But if this is one issue amongst many, maybe you could be fired.  So yes, Starbucks could fire you for eating their garbage.


NYPD Labels Mosques as Terrorist Cells

When secret files get released, they’re always pretty shameful.  Turns out the NYPD has, for years, been investigating mosques as “terrorist organizations” without any evidence or filing any charges against anyone, thanks to the ability to run “terrorist enterprise investigations” which they’ve been able to do since 9/11.  The idea of a TEI is to look into businesses that may support or fund terrorism.  They can involve sending in undercover officers to become employees or members, long-term surveillance and general spying.  For years.  So far, it’s all been used on innocent people, too.

The great part about these investigations is that, outside of the NYPD, they seem to be taken very seriously.  How serious?  Even the FBI hasn’t found grounds to perform a similar investigation anywhere yet.  The NYPD has done at least a dozen.

NickyClickus User

It's interesting how this starbucks story is worded to try and make you feel like this kid is such a sob story. If he's on food stamps and can't pay his bills, it's probably because he mis manages his money and uses the food stamps for mountain dew and cheetos at the gas station. Eggs are a dollar a dozen, hard boil those shits and stop eating from the garbage, you fool.

Kirk-Woods-829 User

My brother was fired from Kroger for taking an empty pop bottle out of the trash to cash in for the 10 cent deposit that we have in Michigan.

Legohaiden User

The Real Reason behind the Firing....

Starbucks unfortunatly has it right.  To have someone eat "spoiled" food or for it to be given away is a problem.  Not all that long ago "Popeyes Chicken" had a major lawsuit against them where the plantiff won a sizable chunk of settlement money.  Why?

A manager felt bad for a homeless man so gave him a box of 30 minute old chicken (30min past throw out time) the man ate the food and then claimed severe sickness due to the chicken and sued Popeyes for providing bad food... he won.

treyert User

Ok, Break. Time to kill the Daily Wrap. Make a pickle toe drink out of it and add it to your cafeteria bar. 

asshole1000 User

So at starbucks, food that is "unsafe" to eat was somehow completely fine for customers to purchase 2 seconds earlier?

KKTPP UserTop Commenter

(     o   Y   O   )

treyert User

@asshole1000 Yes, that is the country we live in. People just wait for a chance for a windfall lawsuit. Enjoy the joyous benefits of capitalism morale and what it's done to create selfish, thieving, poor and envious majority. 

reploidx User

@asshole1000 Most food companies do this. They have TONS of food, but at the end of the day they would rather toss it all away rather than give it away. It's appalling that they do this, where their employees could use the food that is being tossed out, but it's considered stealing. It's just a ploy to make more money.

oaco42 User

@reploidx @asshole1000 It actually has nothing to do with is a really stupid reason....they won't give away the "spoiled" food because if they do they are afraid people will not buy their products but wait instead for them to be "spoiled" and then just get them for free....honest that is the reason.