The Daily Wrap: August 27th Staff by Staff on Aug. 27, 2013

Hope everyone is having a good morning, now let us ruin it with some infuriating news.  And maybe one or two happy stories, if you’re good.

George Zimmerman Wants Money

Hey look, another Zimmerman story because everyone liked that man… Anyway, George Zimmerman is back in the news because he would now like the state to cover his legal bills since he was acquitted.  In Florida, the state is required to cover the costs if a defendant is acquitted, so that’s going to be upwards of $300,000 in addition to the $900,000 the state already spent trying to prosecute him.  Justice has a steep price in Florida.


Trump The Conspiracy Theorist

Terrible person and multiple-filer for bankruptcy Donald Trump is newsworthy again, but this time it’s because he’s being sued for running a scam school.  The school was supposed to give students lessons in becoming rich the Trump way and in an ironic way it did by being kind of bogus and dishonest.

Trump says the whole thing is hogwash and he probably really used that word and has decided that the whole lawsuit, brought about by the New York Attorney General is politically motivated and probably Obama’s fault.  Because the President spends his days thinking of ways to ruin a sideshow attraction.


Science Destroys Horniness in Bugs

Oh science, you so crazy!  Scientists at Kansas State and in South Korea have not only discovered but managed to shut down a neuropeptide (some amino acids) in bugs that control sexual desire and the need to mate.  Basically they removed chemicals from a bug’s brain and turned them into disinterested housewives (or lazy, disinterested husbands).  While the gist of this story seems to have something to do with pest control – you could really cut down on mosquitos if you convinced them not to reproduce, let us never forget that to the scientifically illiterate this makes us all fearful that science will soon find a way to eliminate horniness in mankind!


Jon and Kate Plus Cyber Hate

Remember Jon and Kate Gosselin?  Probably not because if you watched that show and also go to Break, you may be a sociopath.  Anyway, the show was on TLC and was about two really objectionable people who had too many kids.  Eventually they got divorced as they were objectionable even to each other.  Since then, Jon has been a douchebag while Kate has tried very hard to not let people realize what a douchebag she is, even though she clearly is.  Well they’re in the news again as Kate is suing Jon for stealing her computer and hacking her phone for a tell-all book.  We’re no experts but we’re going to be impressed if there’s a reality star outside of Beauty and the Geek who knows how to hack a phone.


Walmart vs Starbucks: The Shamening

In a blind taste test, Wal mart brand coffee scores just as well as Starbucks coffee despite costing half as much, proving the vast majority of coffee drinkers have no idea what they’re doing.  The test, conducted by Consumer Reports, also pointed out that if you use K cups, you’re paying just about as much as you would if you went to a coffee shop per cup and getting inferior product since grinding your own beans and brewing at home does taste better.  So basically the entire coffee industry is insane.

COHockey User

GOOD FOR GZ. They never should have prosecuted him for a crime they had ZERO evidence of. It was all a political charade brought on by the black racists (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, etc...). If they REALLY cared they would address all the black on black killings in Chicago every day. I hope he gets all his money back and the snatch Angela Corey loses her job.

DReaMReaVeR User

What the fuck is a K cup and why would I be paying paying too much. Even this comment box let's me know when there's a typo.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

@DReaMReaVeR A K cup is a new way to take your money by you buying a Keurig coffee maker that will only accept a kind of package where the coffee comes so you fresh coffee is always "perfect". Imagine one of those little butter container you get on a plane, just about double the size and filled with coffee, because is so extremely difficult for some people to use a measuring cup if they want freshly brewed coffee at home.

The bad news is you still have to sip your coffee and digested, but soon enough they will come out with a money grabbing way to do that for you too.

Marrowgnawer User

@whatinitheworld @DReaMReaVeR whatinitheworld.... even your name as another "i" in it that is useless.  You're sentences are just as terrible as the one DReaMReaVeR pointed out.  It's kind of sad.  Either you people need to take your time while typing a bit more, or you need to address your inability to conduct the English language well enough to form a proper sentence.