The Daily Wrap: August 15th

The week is just about done, is it possible there’s yet more news to cover?  If CNN, MSNBC and FOX have taught us nothing else it’s that the news never stops, no matter how unimportant it is.  Here’s what’s buzzing today.

The Twitter Toking Twit

Should pot be illegal?  It’s a big issue for some people and while even Dr. Sanjay Gupta is all about the wacky tobacky these days, you still need to realize, for the most part, that pot is not legal.  So if you’re going to enjoy it, try to be sly about it.  What does that mean?  It means don’t try to buy it on Twitter.  While you’re at work.  Or this happens.

That response from the local police was retweeted over 5,000 times.  The result was that it was eventually answered by the aforementioned Mr. Lube where the initial buy was to take place thanking the cops for letting them now.  And now our friend doesn’t work there and probably can’t afford that pot anymore.

New Heart For Anthony

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Remember when we told you how 15 year old Anthony Stokes wasn’t going to get a heart due to his history of non-compliance and what his family chalked up to bad grades and some other judgmental crap?  Turns out the storm of terrible press was all for nothing as the hospital changed their decision totally for no reason whatsoever.  That was convenient.  But in any event, it means a 15 year old kid gets a chance to live a while longer, so it’s not bad.


Egyptian Insanity

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Yesterday the death toll in Egypt was 56.  Now it’s nearly ten times that as protests continue and literally thousands more have been injured.  The Muslim Brotherhood, who supported ousted president Morsi, have been staging sit ins.  The military, who forcibly removed Morsi, are responding viciously to any and all support for the former President and it’s clearly gone beyond anything remotely reasonable and is now little more than a mass slaughter.

Worth noting is that several dozen police are amongst the dead, so people attending the protests are showing up armed and willing to fight anyone trying to stop them, meaning there doesn’t seem to be a desire for peace on either side of the conflict right now.


The Secret to Success

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This story was made for sensationalization and that’s exactly why we’re sharing it.  According to research, success in later life mostly comes from a youth of taking risks.  Business owners and entrepreneurs who are doing well were almost three times more likely to have done things as teens like smoking pot, shoplifting, playing hooky, assault and even dealing drugs.  So consider juvenile delinquency just a sort of Young Entrepreneurs of America primer.

Worth noting that, in addition to being a master criminal, you also need to be smart.  Otherwise you might just be a dumb criminal when you grow up.


Facebook is Terrible

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As if you needed a study to tell you that Facebook isn’t good for anything, a study from the University of Michigan shows that using Facebook correlates to a decline in personal well-being.  You feel bad because you use Facebook.  The term used in the study was “life satisfaction.”  Using Facebook decreases life satisfaction.  Now all someone needs to do is find a way to sue Zuckerberg for how he has caused a loss of life satisfaction.