The Daily Wrap: August 14th

Who made it to Hump Day?  Presumably we all did!  The summer is winding down and so is this week, so here’s a quick taste of the news you’ll need to manage one more day.

The Brain Amoebas Have Come

Because the world isn’t scary enough for you and the news loves a fresh, new scare monger, get ready to never want to see a brain-eating amoeba.  Last you heard amoeba’s were single-celled critters you played with in high school biology class.  But now doctors are confirming a 12 year old boy in Florida is infected with a variety that will eat your brain.  Doesn’t that just sound totally wrong?

The amoeba, which can be found in fresh water, sneaks in though your nose or some other such orifice and if it makes it to your brain can cause primary amebic meningoencephalitis, which is meningitis.  And that’s no good.  The upside, if there is one, is that it’s pretty rare.  There were 30 cases in the last decade or so.  Here’s hoping the boy who has it now pulls though and the news can lay off the brain-eating stories for another few years.


FOX vs the Troll

Presented without editorial, here is FOX news outing a long-standing troll who has made a career of harassing others online.

Fox 2 News Headlines


Death in Cairo

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Protestors supporting ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi were met with a vicious counteroffensive by security forces that included helicopters, tear gas, bulldozers and, in the end, dozens dead including police.  Numbers of victims vary based on who is reporting hem with the Muslim Brotherhood who support the deposed leader claiming in the hundreds and the Health Ministry saying 56.  Regardless of the final number, no one is disputing the brutality of the incident.


CBS Sticks it to Time Warner

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In an ongoing feud between CBS and Time Warner cable over fees, Time Warner dropped CBS from its cable service in 3 key markets that you’d think would be pretty big – New York, LA and Dallas.  After 11 days, was CBS reeling from the massive loss in viewership?  Maybe reeling isn’t the right word since CBS actually came out on top of the ratings in those three areas.  Turns out people took Time Warner’s suggestion, which sounds sarcastic but maybe wasn’t, that people can buy HD Antennas if they want to see CBS programming.  Radio Shack says there was a significant increase in people purchasing the antennas and CBS has viewership that is 34% higher than this time last year.  If this were a poker game, Time Warner just get dealt a load of off suit garbage.


Mass Market Biofuel For All

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You probably know you could make fuel out of corn if you really had to, or most any kind of biomatter, it’s just not a very cost effective thing to do and no one does it large scale, until now.  A company called INEOS Bio has said they are able to now produce commercial quantities of ethanol out of trash – non-food vegetation and wood waste.  So landfills are now just stinky treasure heaps.  The company has plans to produce about 8 million barrels annually as a fossil fuel alternative.