Breaking Down The Creepiest Music Video Ever

Breaking Down The Creepiest Music Video Ever

Do you know Slipknot?  Cattle Decapitation? Tool?   Sure, they make creepy videos, but they’re doing it on purpose.  There’s a good chance everything that’s creepy here is totally by accident.

0:05 – Is this being sampled from Eminem, except for the Three Stooges style violence?  Who are these guys?


0:13 – Is this an Adam Sandler character?

0:16 – Did we already scream in fear of Slenderman?  We did?  Huh.

0:21 – Can anyone explain this creepy Stretch Armstrong dude?

0:26 – Pause it right here and make a convincing argument that this guy isn’t a highly medicated government experiment someone brought to the beach.

0:29 – Crotch thrusting is not necessary.

0:36 –He’s folding in half!

0:45 – The braces really complete the package.

0:51 – Ha, you thought you were going to look at girls for a second.  Nope.

1:01 – Hey, how do you make a skinny weirdo even more offputting?  Oh, we have a weird little bike for him?  Awesome.

1:11 – Guys, c’mon.  Uncalled for.