Breaking Down The Creepiest Music Video Ever

Do you know Slipknot?  Cattle Decapitation? Tool?   Sure, they make creepy videos, but they’re doing it on purpose.  There’s a good chance everything that’s creepy here is totally by accident.

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0:05 – Is this being sampled from Eminem, except for the Three Stooges style violence?  Who are these guys?


0:13 – Is this an Adam Sandler character?

0:16 – Did we already scream in fear of Slenderman?  We did?  Huh.

0:21 – Can anyone explain this creepy Stretch Armstrong dude?

0:26 – Pause it right here and make a convincing argument that this guy isn’t a highly medicated government experiment someone brought to the beach.

0:29 – Crotch thrusting is not necessary.

0:36 –He’s folding in half!

0:45 – The braces really complete the package.

0:51 – Ha, you thought you were going to look at girls for a second.  Nope.

1:01 – Hey, how do you make a skinny weirdo even more offputting?  Oh, we have a weird little bike for him?  Awesome.

1:11 – Guys, c’mon.  Uncalled for.