The 2016 No Pants Subway Ride: Some Of The Crazy Images

The 15th annual “No Pants Subway Ride” happened over the weekend and it was truly an international event. Riders across the globe put on winter clothing and boarded a subway or train – minus their knickers.

Men, women, young and old — there were thousands of participants in New York City, Portland, Berlin, Madrid, London, Sydney, Moscow (where police are looking to issue charges against the organizers), Tokyo, Toronto and Los Angeles, among many other cities.

And just like every year, the event produced some crazy pictures and video.

Let’s take a look at some of the semi-nude craziness…

If you see a suspicious package, you should report it.

a fat man in whitey tighties walks in NYC

Image Source: Imagala

I always figured Vader as a black briefs kind of guy…

darth vader in his underwear ready to ride the subway

Image Source: Pix 11

Bacon is always a good choice.

a man wears a bacon strip on no pants subway ride 2016

Image Source: CBS New York

The old dude in this No Pants Dance Off is worth the watch. Trust me.

a spider woman and an old man have a dance off on no pants subway ride day

Image Souce: Xinhuanet

This can-can line in Portland turns into a no pants wedding proposal.

The family that doesn’t wear pants together, stays together.

a family goes pantless on no pants subway ride day

Image Source: The Guadrian

This No Pants Twerk Off was way more organized and more involved than the dance off. This was the 3rd annual Twerk Off on No Pants Subway Ride day. I totally could’ve won that thing.

Some people get really, really into this.

Image Source: Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

Seems like a challenge

a woman wears

Image Source: Mainstream Spanking

She’s the champ of no pants.

A woman wears fuck pants panties on a NYC subway

Image Source: Twitter

Not sure what is happening in this Chicago pic, but Batman has really let himself go

a batman dressed man in his boxers yells on a NYC subway platform

Image Source: Ink 361

And then this…

Image Source: Instagram

Up, up & away with the pants.

Image Source: Instagram

two people in India go pantless for the subway ride dressed as superheores

Image Source: India Times

The devil wears no pants.

Image Source: Instagram

And on a subway in Roswell:

Image Source: Instagram