The Break 2013 FAP Draft

26. Katy Perry

She's great and probably should be higher on this list. However, we can't get over the fear of what Russell Brand might have left behind with her...


25. Betty White

Now, we know you're probably saying, "But Break! Why isn't Betty White in the top 10!?" All we can say is her age, experience, and solid set of glutes made her placement one of the fiercest battles we had.


24. Megan Fox

We mean old Megan Fox. Not the new one that's done plastic surgery to her face and looks kinda like a Real Doll.


22. Rebel Wilson

She's the next mega popular Hollywood star. She's really funny, can sing, and isn't afraid to be self-deprecating. She also comes off as dominating, which is kinda hot.


23. Eva Mendes

Great actress. Funny. Neat looking. Complete package. Her 40 is a little slow, though.

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