The Break 2013 FAP Draft

The goal of NFL teams in the draft is to get players that'll help them achieve the ultimate goal: a championship. Much like that, Break's goal is to draft women that'll help us, and you, achieve the ultimate goal: a good ol' fap. Countless hours of research were put into this list (or for one Break editor who we won't name [Mark], minutes) and we believe it to be the best FAP draft we've ever had.

Of course, there will be disagreements. Not everyone's FAP is equal. But we believe this list is a comprehensive and supremely effective FAP draft.


32. Shakira

Athletic. Strong. Talented. Hips don't lie.


31. Olivia Munn

Nerd fantasy. Cool. Not afraid to get weird.


30. Alice Eve

Like a new Jane Fonda. Sassy. Neat.


29. Kari Byron

As part of the Mythbuster team, Kari has made our brains flutter with knowledge while making our pants flutter with other emotions.


28. Carly McKinney

This 10th-grade math teacher made waves earlier this year by being awesome on Twitter and upsetting some uptight officials.


27. Katie Sunshine

Break's 2012 Woman of the Year knows how to use a hula hoop, that's for sure.

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