The Boston Marathon Bombing

Break is a comedy website. We post videos of people getting hit in the balls and girls doing sweet tricks with hula-hoops. But there are times we pause to let the real world in.


Two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today. At least two are dead and over a hundred are injured. We kept flipping back and forth between news channels, watching the same videos over and over, hearing the screams, seeing the carnage.


But something stuck out in these videos.




People were running towards the explosions. Police, volunteers, runners…. They were running towards what was once a crowd of happy people, a store front, and a clean walkway. They couldn’t have known they were safe, that there wasn’t another explosion coming.


There are reports of runners running to the hospital to give blood, workers running out of their stores to help, and people doing whatever they could while in the middle of this mass hysteria.


And it’s that act that still gives us some hope. There are good people in the world. More good than bad. There are people willing to risk danger to help others and to make things better in times of utter confusion and in times that make no sense. And it gives us hope.


We might not agree on politics or life or what videos are funny, but we have to realize we’re all humans trying to make sense out of life and all the shit that comes with it.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Boston. If you want to donate blood or money, check out The Red Cross for more information.


– Mark