Good Job: The Best “Title This Video!” Titles (And 2nd Place Winners) So Far!

Since we started asking Break users to help come up with perfect titles for some of our more hilarious videos, the response has been amazing. Frankly, it brings a tear to our eye to watch the Break users get creative with these posts. We knew you had it in ya! So, we wanted to look back to those “Title This Video!” vids and pay tribute to the winners. 

1. Winner: “They See Me Rolling, I Ain’t Raking…”

[[contentId: 2968276| | size: 100]]

Title by ShpankingYoMama

Runner up: “The Big Blowbowski” by bradintampa

2. Winner: “First Day At The Gym, January 1st”

[[contentId: 2991385| | size: 100]]

Title by Cameron-Mitchell-47

Runner up: “My neck, my back, my neck and my back” by Christian-Funmaker-264

3. Winner: “Catnip Is A Hell Of A Drug”

[[contentId: 2985849| | size: 100]]

Title by ncg2k16

Runner up: “Training your cat for the next rave” by darkmike873

4. Winner: “Chairman Of The Ford”

[[contentId: 2984099| | size: 100]]

Title by Bob-Mohilowski-131

Runner up: “Where’s that Orbit gum lady when you need her?” by Mariopd17joe

5. Winner: “Face Down Ass Up, That’s The Way We Like To Drop”

[[contentId: 2993524| | size: 100]]

Title by Jens-Andersen-230

Runner up: “oh look! A penny” by el_centenario08

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