Best Tattoos – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Tattoo Awakens meme showing part of a BB-8 tattoo

There have been some out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars tattoos over the years featuring characters, vehicles, weaponry and scenery from Episodes I – VI. And yes, even Jar Jar Binks got inked onto some human flesh…more than once, actually.

And now Star Wars: The Force Awakens ink is starting to pop up all around the world-wide web-verse. The especially awesome Episode VII has not even been out for two weeks yet, but fans have been proudly displaying their skin art and some of it is pretty damn impressive.

So here’s our rundown of some of the best Star Wars: The Force Awakens tattoos out there in the world right now!

8. Rey

One of the great heroes from the film is also now one of the coolest tattoos.

Rey on her speeder from force awakens tattoo

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7. Captain Phasma

She has a cool helmet, so it’s gotta’ look good in ink.

6. Kylo Ren

One of the most badass villains ever, he’s also the most popular tattoo from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Kylo Ren metallic tattoo

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another awesome Kylo Ren tattoo from Star Wars

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a detailed kylo ren tattoo from force awakens

Image Source: Mattie Macabre

a kylo ren tatto from star wars episode VII

Image Source: Curious Ty Kills15

5. BB-8

This was one of the first ever Force Awakens tattoos. It was inked just after the first teaser trailer debuted. Safe to say this guy got lucky.

BB-8 robot from the force awakens tattoo

Image Source: Geek With Curves

4. Stormtroopers

The Stormtroopers got a cool update and they look badass on your skin.

star wars force awakens stormtrooper tattoo

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stormtrooper from episode VII tattoo

Image Source: Yelp

3. X-Wing Fighter

All of us want an X-Wing Fighter. This is the next best thing…

X-Wing fighter from star wars tattoo

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a forearm x-wing fighter tattoo

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2. The Force Awakens Sleeve

There’s half the movie happening on this sleeve. And it’s awesome.

Star Wars force awakens sleeve tattoo

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1. Melty Darth Vader

Clever… and great artwork. Also Melty Darth Vader apparently loves to paintball.

darth vader from the grave referencing the force awakens

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As Star Wars: The Force Awakens keeps kicking ass across the globe, we’re definitely going to see more and more tattoos popping up everywhere. We’ll keep our eyes out for them and update these in the very near future. Until then, go join the ink force…