Caramel Nougat Goodness Inside Vol. 3

We know this week has been a rough one, but don’t despair.  There’s still good in the world.  Check it out!

Ex-Bengal Devon Still’s Daughter is Cancer Free 

  • Leah Still, the daughter of former Bengal’s defensive tackle Devon Still, was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2014
  • Still put his football career on hold to care for her
  • The Bengals kept still on their roster so he could maintain benefits and a steady pay check while he cared for his daughter
  • Still recently posted on Instagram that his daughter is no longer showing any signs of cancer!


The Rock Saves Abandoned Pup

  • A week ago, a 4 month old puppy was dropped off at North Central Shelter in Los Angeles
  • The pup had a metal wire wrapped around its mouth that had cut into it so badly it required 17 stitches
  • A local rescue took in the dog and name it Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson
  • Soon after it was discovered the dog had a potentially fatal heart condition and needed immediate surgery
  • After hearing about the pooch, the real life Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson put up $1500 for the surgery
  • With the Rock’s donation, the rescue has more than enough money to save his furry doppleganger and help some of the 60 other dogs they care for.


Cop Pays for Woman’s Stolen Cake Ingredients 

  • New Hampshire police received a call about a woman shoplifting baking ingredients
  • Officers tracked her to her home where the woman apologized and gave them the ingredients she had taken
  • She told police she had only done it in an effort to give her son a happy birthday by baking him a cake
  • Officer Michael Kotsonis took the ingredients back to the store and paid for them out of his own pocket
  • He returned to the woman’s home and gave the ingredients back to her, not wanting her son to miss out on a birthday because of his mother’s actions.


US Soldier Honored For Protecting Jewish POW’s

  • In 1945, Master Sgt. Roddie Edwards was being held at a Nazi POW camp.  While there, he stared death in the face to protect Jewish soldiers
  • Edwards, the highest ranking US solider in the camp, ordered every US solider to step forward when Nazi forces demanded all Jews present themselves
  • The Nazi commander, angry at Edwards, put a gun to his head and demanded he identify the Jewish soldiers under his command
  • Edwards told the German, as per the Geneva Conventions, he would not identify any soldier based on religion.  He then told the German officer he wouldn’t be able to kill everyone
  • The German commander backed down and now, 70 years later, Edwards is being honored for his selfless bravery in protecting Jewish prisoners
  • Edwards was recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance and Research Center
  • He’s the 5th American to receive the honor and the very first US solider


Nanny Takes Care of Disabled Child for 37 Years 

  • 81 year old Zhuang Moli was hired 37 years ago by a Hong Kong couple to be the nanny for their one month old baby
  • The baby was severely disabled and, after Moli took charge of him, the parents vanished, never to return
  • For 37 years Moli has raised and cared for the boy who is unable to move at all and has spent most of his life lying in bed
  • Moli feeds him soups and purees as he can’t chew very well
  • She says he is very clever despite his disabilities and the two of them enjoy singing along to classical music
  • The two live together in a very tiny shack while Moli tries to scrape together food and money to support them both
  • Since their story became public, the local police managed to raise about $4700US to help the pair out