10 Best Butts From The VMA’s, Because That’s What That Show Has Come To

If you watched the VMA’s last night, you were either scratching your head wondering who half of the people were or wondering why the show is literally only celebrating pop music in every possible category (Lorde for Rock Video? Really?) Beyond that, the only redeeming value the VMA’s have going for it these days is butts. Butts of all kinds. Small, big, whatever.

Miley Cyrus ruled the show last year with her twerking, and this year isn’t any different with Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda performance. So from the red carpet to the stage, here are the 10 best butts from the 2014 VMA’s. Remember, the greatest gifts come in all sizes.

#10: Amber Rose

#9: Miley Cyrus

#8: Iggy Azalea

#7: Rocsi Diaz (I had to look her up too)

#6: Jessie J.

[[contentId: 2751300| | style: height:280px; width:510px]]

#5: Taylor Swift

#4: Jennifer Lopez

#3: Nicki Minaj

#2: Beyonce

#1: Beyonce’s dancers

[[contentId: 2751307| | style: height:286px; width:509px]]

Well done, ladies. Hard to tell if this is all a step up or huge step down for the music industry as a whole, but being someone that really doesn’t listen to any of this music, the visuals were just lovely.

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