“The Berenstein Bears” May Be Proof Of A Parallel Universe!

Do you remember the classic children’s book series The Berenstein Bears about a family of bear-people who taught kids valuable lessons? Having sold over 240 million books, they even had a series of animated TV specials in the 80’s. Everyone remembers and loves The Berenstein Bears!

These bears are about to give you a psychotic snap.

The book series was named after and written by a husband and wife couple named Jan and Stan Berenstain who have since both passed away but the series in continued today by their son…. Wait BarenSTAIN? Is that how you remember it? The Barenstain Bears?

Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah!

A conspiracy theory has emerged on the Internet that might damage you if you remember tittle of these books as “The Berenstein Bears.” Several years ago a blogger named Reece uncovered the disparity between our shared memory of Berenstein Bears and the currently reality we live in of Berenstain Bears.   

Which one is it??!

Now at first he thought that perhaps the publishers changed the title for some unknown reason. However after researching the copyright, he discovered that it has always BEEN BerenSTAIN.  So he has a theory:

“In 1992 they were “stEin” in 1992, but in 2012 they were “stAin” in 1992.”

So basically his theory is that our collective memory of this children’s book series being “The Berenstein Bears” is proof of an alternate universe or even a  ripple in our timeline that may have been caused by a time traveler. Reece says:

 “At some time in the last 10 years or so, reality has been tampered with and history has been retroactively changed. The bears really were called the “BerenstEin Bears” when we were growing up, but now reality has been altered such that the name of the bears has been changed post hoc. Somehow, we have all undergone a p/2 phase change in all 4 dimensions so that we moved to the stAin hexadectant, while our counterparts moved to our hexadectant (stEin). They are standing around expressing their confusion about the “Berenstein Bears” and how they all remember “Berenstain Bears” on the covers growing up.”

What is shocking about this isn’t that people misremembered the spelling of a book; it’s that most people who see this are 100 percent confident they know how it was spelled. When faced with an alternative it completely messes with your head. There is even a Reddit thread devoted to finding a real logo or copy of the book with the “Berenstein” spelling. One user actually claims that they posted a photo with the “correct” spelling of BrenenSTEIN from our shared memories of an alternate universe that we no longer inhabit.

It doesn’t stop with the bears either; there is another group of people who claim that they remember South African leader Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980’s (well before he was freed and became the first democratically elected president of that country.) What is trippy about what they call The Mandela Effect is that while we all misremember dumb pop culture stuff all the time, Mandela and the end of South African apartheid is a pretty significant historical event. It’d be like if you woke up tomorrow and “remembered” that Donald Trump became president in 2012 and were confused why Obama was still in office.

I read about this phenomenon a little bit ago and to be completely honest with you I wasn’t sure if I could write about it without having a mental breakdown. Learning about this has made me slightly nauseous and given me a strange sense of vertigo and dizziness as if my brain might suddenly ooze out of my head from just contemplating the issue. I actually remember it spelled with a cutesy pun as the BEARenstein Bears- so I might be from a third parallel universe or timeline altogether. This would also make a lot of sense as to why my post on Break about the serious problem of illegal dinosaur hybrid people taking our jobs didn’t go over so well.

These bears are from an alternate timeline.

So basically anytime you misremember something from history or pop culture this is definitive proof of an alternate universe! Thank goodness Betty White didn’t live to learn about the Berenstein/ Stain controversy, I don’t think she could have handled it.

Break Question OF The Day: Honestly answer if you remember it as The Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain bears?  

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Source: Vice