Japan’s Naked Restaurant Has Weight Limit For Customers: No Fatties!

You know we have reached a certain level of boredom as a civilization when stuff like this becomes “a thing.” Around the world a new trend for hip foodies is to dine naked. Several restaurants have opened up where you can pay big bucks to slurp down cured salmon and seaweed while laying your own twig and berries on a the fine linen table cloth.

The London location. “The food smells great.” – “That’s not the food.”

These clothing optional outlets include The Bunyadi in London and now The Amrita in Japan. Unlike other nudie restaurants the Japanese have placed certain restriction and rules for who they let in the door. First, you can only be between 18 and 60 years of age. No wrinkles!  Secondly, no fatties! The restaurant is actually going to take height and weight measurements to see if patrons fit into the medical “average weight” according to their height. So anyone 33 pounds or more overweight is not allowed. If you book a reservation which requires a pre-paid ticket price of between $131 and $748 and do not meet these strict weight requirements when you arrive, no refunds!

Website for The Amrita in Japan, NICE.

I think it’s great. The problem with nudist beaches is always that the people you would actually want to see naked, never go there. This way if someone is taking measurements at the door, the rest of the naked eaters can feel safe knowing they will keep their lunch down. If you want to eat here you have to hit the gym first and pull yourself up by your invisible bootstraps.

The nakedness really brings out the flavors.

In addition to naked customers, The Amrita wait staff will comprise of sexy male models in G-strings. Customers are not allowed to speak with one another and no cell phones are allowed. So no sneaking up skirt pics sans the skirt part. For folks who enjoy paying hundreds of dollars for a pretentious meal and have to get a physical exam beforehand, this place sounds great. You just REALLY don’t want to get a hair in your soup.

I think the naked Japanese restaurant is doing good work in keeping fatties from ruining a good meal. However, what do you think? Some people might say this is body shaming, ha! Take the Break Poll!


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