The Allison Brie “Speakeasy” Unsexy .GIF Challenge!

As you may know, Allison Brie is the star of some of the web’s favorite animated gifs, many of which are a little on the sexy side. Paul F. Tompkins had Allison on his show, Speakeasy, and he had her pose for a series of non-sexy animated gifs.

 Make gifs from your video, Paul? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! So which of these unsexy gifs do you think is the sexiest?

Examining A Wig For Bugs


Conferring With A Shrunken Head


Burlap Sack Brie


Deciding Whether To Buy A Selena VHS


Turkey Time


Trying On A Tiny Sombrero


So which of these do you think is the hottest? Let us know in the comments, and subscribe to the Made Man channel on Youtube if you enjoy Paul F. Tompkins or interviews with funny people!