The 9 Kinds of Knockouts You See in MMA Fights

All knockouts are basically the same — a fighter gets his brain turned off and then gravity takes over. But when you’ve been watching MMA as long as we have, you begin to notice patterns. So here’s a guide to nine notable sub-species of KO, ranging from frighteningly violent to kind of hilarious. Enjoy, and let us know if we’ve left out any of your favorites…

The First-Punch Knockout

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. When you end a fight with the first punch you throw, it either means you’re a total badass, or you had a little help from your opponent. (See also: The First-Kick Knockout)


The Falling Tree Knockout

The knockout-victim stiffens up on his feet and falls to earth as slowly and deliberately as a mighty redwood. Bonus points if you can punch the guy a few more times on the way down. (See also: Barboza vs. Etim, Mercer vs. Sylvia)


The Double Knockout


As rare and beautiful as a triple rainbow, it’s the magical moment when both fighters find each others’ off-buttons simultaneously. The example shown above is an all-time classic; even the ref can’t believe what he just saw. (See also: Britt vs. Alexander, Lapsley vs. Wetherspoon)


The Walk-Off Knockout

Like a baseball slugger who knows that thing is gone as soon he makes contact, the walk-off knockout is one of MMA’s true boss-moves. No need for follow-up shots, no need for referees — just turn and walk away. And the crowd goes wild.


The Lawn-Chair Knockout

Instead of toppling over like in a falling tree knockout, the lawn-chair-KO victim falls straight down, his legs collapsing underneath him for easy storage. (See also: Nelson vs. Herman, Hamill vs. Munoz)


The Through-The-Ropes Knockout

Since most MMA promotions hold their fights in cages, this is another once-in-a-blue-moon rarity. But whenever you have two guys throwing bombs in a boxing-style ring, there’s always the chance that one unlucky bastard will end up hanging out to dry — or tumbling through the ropes altogether. (See also: This through-the-ropes KO, which is nearly a double-knockout as well.)


The Dive-Bomb Knockout.

So your opponent would rather chill out on his back than stand and bang? Fine. Launch an air-to-ground missile at the right moment and bounce his damn head off the canvas. (See also: The Atomic Butt Drop, even if nobody has been able to successfully score a KO with it…yet.)


The Planking Knockout

Remember invented that.


The Cheap Shot Knockout

As an MMA fighter, you’re always told to “protect yourself at all times.” But nobody expects to get sucker-punched in the face during the customary pre-fight glove tap, or after a totally-respectful kiss on the lips (see above). The world can be so cruel. Honorable mentions:The Slinky Knockout (aka The Reverse Cowgirl)The Innocent Bystander KnockoutThe Involuntary Masturbation Knockout

– Ben Goldstein (For the latest in MMA news and fight videos, become a fan of on Facebook!)