The 7 Weirdest Places Phones Have Been Found

We carry our cell phones everywhere, literally. It’s not uncommon at all to find a phone in the refrigerator, on top of the toilet bowl, in the garbage can, and among prisoners, in the rectum. However, there are still a few places we don’t expect a cell phone to turn up.

1. In a Bag of Potato Chips

Emma Schweiger of Wisconsin just wanted a snack. She opened her bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips, recently purchased from her local Aldi. Much to her surprise, Emma didn’t pull out a handful of the crispy delights she sought, but a phone. Aldi pulled the remaining bags off the shelf and offered Emma a replacement bag. She declined.

2. In a Fish

Phone In Fish

Cod fisherman Glen Kerley pulled out more than a 25-pound cod on his fishing trip. The cod had enjoyed a recent meal of Nokia courtesy of Andrew Cheatle, who’d dropped his phone into the water in West Sussex. Amazingly, Kerley was able to put Cheatle’s SIM card in another phone and dialed his girlfriend’s number to report the find. After drying, it still worked.

3. In a Baked Cake

A recent claim to Mobile Insurance came from a woman who accidentally baked her phone into her daughter’s birthday cake. The phone, unfortunately, did not survive the oven. Mobile Insurance was able to approve her claim and replace her phone.

4. In a Cow

Phone In Cow

One cattle keeper made a claim to Mobile Insurance for his lost phone, which apparently slipped into the southern end of his bovine as he used the device to assist him in the delivery of her calf. The calf came out, the phone stayed put. His claim was also approved.

5. In a Bar (Wait, there’s more to the story)

Okay, finding a cell phone in a bar is totally mundane. Unless this happens to be a super top-secret prototype of the next iPhone, yet to be released to the media. Yes, an engineer for Apple lost such a precious treasure, and it was discovered by the editor of Gizmodo, much to his delight. Unfortunately, the editor, Jason Chen, later had his computers confiscated during the investigation of the missing prototype.

6. In a Thrift Store

goodwill store

If you could pick up all the phone numbers for NBA stars, sports broadcasters, and even hockey legend Wayne Gretzky for 50 cents at your local thrift store, would you make the investment? That’s exactly what one lucky man did. He bought the 10-year-old phone, charged it up, and discovered hundreds of top-secret phone numbers, courtesy of its former owner, NBA big wig Dave Checketts. No word on how the lost Blackberry made its way from Checketts’ possession to the thrift store.

7. In a Titanic Reenactment

Actually, this isn’t the story of a found phone, this one’s still presumed missing. It likely lies somewhere in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, because the owners of the phone tried to use the front of their cruise ship to film a reenactment of the famous, “I’m the king of the world,” scene from the blockbuster Titanic. The phone slipped, and the couple had to make an embarrassing claim on their insurance policy.

A Mobile Insurance spokesperson recommends using phones as phones (in lieu of calf birthing devices or dangerous videography) for the safety of the phones in question.