The 7 Best and Worst Touchdown Celebrations

If touchdown celebrations have taught us nothing else it’s that some players in the NFL clearly spend all their practice time thinking up new ones and others need to spend all their practice time thinking up new ones.  And with that in mind, here are some of the best and worst touchdown celebrations…OF ALL TIME!

DeSean Can’t Break the Plane

It must be very exciting to get a touchdown and know you’re really contributing to your team.  Thing is you probably want to make sure you actually scored a touchdown before you get all cocky about it.

Can You Hear Me Now?

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If you have to engage in theatrics, they should be on this level.  To hide a phone to use as a prop inside the padding on the base of the goal post demonstrates a superb level of planning and forethought. 


DeSean Can’t Break the Plane 2

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Before DeSean Jackson was throwing footballs to the ground he was needlessly showboating in highschool by cart wheeling into the end zone.  Unfortunately that requires you to put your hands on the ground and if you’re holding a football in this hands well, you just didn’t score a touchdown. 


In Your Face

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This deserves to be on a highlight reel because it damn near crosses into the realm of the surreal.  The Giants’ Michael Boley runs in a touchdown and then, totally without reason, he plows this poor bastard in the face with it and walks away. 


Great Job Gramatica

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This isn’t a touchdown, but it’s still points on the board so go with it.  It’s arguably one of the most depressing celebration stories in NFL history, too.  In his rookie season, in the first quarter of a game, Gramatica kicked a 43 yard field goal and just gave a “woo hoo” jump of celebration.  That jump tore the ACL in his right knee and benched him for the entire rest of the season. By 2004 his NFL career was completely over.  Go on, have a drink.  Bill probably is.


The Chainsaw

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This is how you appropriately showboat after making a damn fine play.  Run the ball 50 yards for a touchdown, then spend a few minutes pretending it’s a chainsaw as you start to disassemble the field because screw anyone and everyone who dares dance Gangnam Style as happened far, far too often during the 2012 season. 


Reach Around Ref

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Generally speaking, the more complex a touchdown celebration gets, the stupider it tends to be.  This one dropped stupid off somewhere on the highway and picked up batshit crazy instead.  It starts innocently enough, couple of guys on the Cardinals falling over each other in celebration, then it evolves into some kind of weird pony show which is really pushing the limit and finally, because no one wanted to see it, a referee backdoors a player by reaching between his legs, from behind mind you, and apparently trying to lift him off of the other player through sheer force of sack and/or taint elevation.