The 5 Worst Leg Breaks On The Internet

Sports fans love the tough shots, guts, and glory that comes with the games. Unfortunately, some athletes pay enormous prices for those super plays. Here are the worst leg breaks on the Internet – watch at your own peril.

1. Jaymie Graham: Australian Football (Soccer) Player 

Athletes love going down in history – unless it’s for anything on the “worst” list. Sadly, Australian rules football player (read: soccer) is likely going down in the books for the worst leg break in history.

It happened during a game with rivals Subiaco, when opposing player Danny Hughes dove into Graham’s knee, snapping it in half. Yes, it looks as bad as it sounds. The result to this South Freemantlo Football Club star was a dislocated kneecap and the tearing of the ligaments that support his knee. Fortunately, it looks like Graham will make a full recovery from his injuries.

2. Aaron Ramsey: Welsh Football (Soccer) Player 

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Welsh soccer player Aaron Ramsey has a successful career underway with Arsenal and the Wales National Football Team. He was honored to represent Great Britain in the 2012 Olympic games, even after his 2010 injury in Stole City. Essentially, his leg was broken in half. However, this story has a happy ending with Ramsey able to return to full active play after surgery and rehab.

3. Kevin Ware: Guard for Louisville Cardinals 

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The NCAA came under intense criticism after Kevin Ware’s serious leg injury while playing for the Louisville Cardinals. This young guard faced losing his scholarship and potentially having to foot the bill for his own broken leg due to the current health care policies of the NCAA.

Critics of the program insist these young players need insurance to protect them from injuries suffered while playing for the league. Ware is already in rehab, and hopefully will retain his scholarship and a bright future in football.

4. Georgi Kirilov: Track Runner

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It isn’t surprising to see broken legs in contact sports such as football and soccer, but we don’t expect it in a seemingly simple track meet. But this is just what happened while Bulgarian Kirilov was trying to qualify for the Olympics at the European Championship in Helsinki.

With just ten meters to complete his trial, his leg buckled in a grotesque way. Kirilov had broken his leg and dislocated his knee. Fortunately, the injuries aren’t expected to end his career.

5. Rob Evans: MMA Cage Rage 4 Fighter

MMA is one of the most brutally violent sports around, and is no stranger to serious injuries. In a match between Ross Pettifer and Rob Evans, Evans landed a rogue kick on the highly trained Pettifer, resulting in a broken leg. This would have been bad enough, but Evans made things worse when he tried to stand on the injured leg and continue the battle. He crumpled in pain and lost the match.

As brutal as these injuries appear, it is a tribute to modern sports medicine that most of these athletes can expect to fully recover and continue to participate in the sports they sacrificed so much for.