The 43 Most Extreme Selfies Ever

The “Selfie Olympics” began last year. The meme features participants from around the world attempting to create the most amazing selfie possible. Our judges waded through hundreds of examples looking for the best in technique and originality. These were our winners: 

1. Winnie The Pooh Is All About Getting Mad Honey


2. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!


3. Phones Are Really Getting Big These Days


4. He Really Lost His Head Over The Selfie Olympics

 [[contentId: 2811916| ]]

5. He Just Schooled Everybody On Selfies


6. Hopefully He Has A Parachute


7. The Best Selfies Are In A Strangers Bathroom


8. Throw Back Thursday Selfie: Throw Way Back


9. This Selfie Mowed Down The Competition


10. This Selfie Got Some Air


11. This Selfie Achieved His Goaaaaaaals!


12. And I Can’t Even Fall Asleep On An Airplane


13. Floating Naked Is The Best Time To Take A Selfie


14. Hopefully He Finds What He’s Looking For


15. Spiderman Selfie


16. Kids Have Had A Hard Time Finding A Place To Skateboard Since The Park Closed


17. Grab A Selfie While Playing With Your Balls


18. He Really Got A Hand With This Selfie


19. Things Got Scary After The Show Was Canceled


20. Sleep-Selfie Taking Is An Epidemic


21. WWJS: What Would Jesus Selfie?


22.  Super Selfie!


23. This Is The Number Two Best Selfie


24. Selfie Of A Selfie That We Were Cool Not Seeing #TooLate


25. I Am A Banana!


26.  Foot Bath Time


27. The Rare Infinity Selfie


28. The Pretending To Be Asleep Selfie


29. This Selfie Is Sleeping With The Fishes, See


30. Bathroom Kayaking Is More Dangerous Than You Would Expect


31. Grilling Chicken In The Bathroom Really Infuses It With Some Interesting Flavors


32.  He Gives This Selfie His Blessing


33. The RIP Selfie


34. The Bathroom Can Also Double As A Power Wheels Garage


35. Real Men Are Not Afraid To Ride Pink Bikes


36. That Cutout Freaked Her Out So Much She Jumped On The Doorknob


37. Extra Points For The Teeth Brushing Foot Taking Selfie


38. Multi-Screen Selfie Wins


39 . No Playing Quidditch In The Bathroom!


40. This Is Now Known As A “Pope-ie”

41. This Dog Selfie Has Got Swagger

42. ..But Not As Much As This Cat  


43. And The Winner Of the Selfie Olympics Is This Turtle


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