The 34th Annual Razzie Award Nominations Were Announced

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jan. 15, 2014

- Todd Spence (twitter)



Today, the 34th Annual Razzie Awards announced this year's nominees for the worst Hollywood had to offer.  Glad no one forgot about the Jobs movie.  I still need to go buy a case of beer and Redbox that thing. 

The first Golden Rasberry award ceremony was held on March 31st, 1981 to honor the worst movies in the 1980 season.  Friday the 13th was nominated for Worst Picture that year (ah, c'mon).

The winners, as always, will be announced on March 1st, the night before the Academy Awards.  Which nominees would you vote for?



















source: rottentomatoes

Stephanie Holder
Stephanie Holder

"Johnny Depp" and "Worst Actor" put together makes for a really good oxymoron.

thefalax User

Lone ranger and after earth are total diaree i agree, but grown ups 2 is really funny and 5X better than grown up 1 and don't deserve to be here

Because adam sandler have played in a lots of crappy films doesn't mean all his films are crap, and this one is just great, and taylor laugtner is rly good in it... 

Also Movie 43 is in my opinion one of the best film of 2013 and likely the most funny even if the press don't like it ( i'm 23 i guess U.S. critiks are 50+ years old.)

I agree with the worst remake : scary movie, a 5 year old have make this movie... and actually  the movie "A haunted house"  with marlon wayans from early scary movies have the same story but is funny compare to scary movie that is complete garbage.

All for today excuse my english. 

legacy27 User

I would love to see Will and Jaden Smith win... it would be some good father/son bonding time.

Plus Perry as best actress would be funny.

Vince West
Vince West

Usually these are right on, but everyone I know including me thought Grown Ups 2 was funny. No Oscar but funny.

Peg Kilday
Peg Kilday

Johnny Depp? Razzie? I dont think so.

eldystar User

After earth and anything associated with it better win all the Razzies.  So many people wasted money on this film thank you will smith.

Paul-Emile-Mallet-403 User

I enjoyed Lone Rangers and I don't understand why so many say bad things about that great movie. I can't wait for part 2 to come out.

damndandamn User

why isnt under the worst company in the history of man category?

Mike-Emmons-39 User

all very deserving, good luck to the contestants.