The 22 Worst Back To School Outfits Anyone Ever Wore

It is back to school time and every fall clothing manufacturer’s trot out all of the fall fashions. However looking back at back to school outfits over the years, one thing becomes clear. Clothing stores are very sadistic. Why else would they trick children into wearing some of these fashion fails from the 80’s and 90’s? No way that kids would have come up with this stuff on their own. It’s like when your grandmother gives you a gift card to a store you don’t shop at and you are stuck buying clothes you don’t love! However this happened for everyone for an entire decade. Luckily, nowadays, Coinstar Exchange allows you to exchange those old gift cards in your wallet for cold, hard cash.  

So this Fall let us look at the worst back to school outfits anyone ever wore and be thankful that we live in a time where nobody will ever judge our fashion tastes. Just kidding, your black rim glasses and old smart phone cover are going to look super lame in the year 2035.

By Phil Haney