The 14 Worst Wedding Fails

There is a category of fail that is probably the most poignant and speaks to us on multiple levels as human beings. It’s got everything; love, romance, family, vomit, police, explosions. Of course I am referring to The Wedding Fail.

When you tie the knot, people tend to get tongue-tied with terrible speeches, they trip into the wedding cake or the groom has sex in the coat room with a bridesmaid.  Even if your would-be wife’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t show up at the church at the last minute to profess his undying love for her in front of everybody and swoop her away (they never tell us what happens to that poor bastard!) – things still go horribly wrong. Here are some of the best wedding fails to make you thankful you are single or at least help you stay in your loveless marriage so you never have to go through having a wedding again.

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Riot Breaks Out Wedding Reception, Groom Gets Arrested

[[contentId: 2754208| | size: 75]]

Apparently the groom of this wedding thought he was still at the bachelor party strip club when he decided to “get handsy” with a pregnant waitress serving him at his wedding reception.  After the woman’s boyfriend confronted the newlywed over his behavior, a riot broke out, the police were called and arrested the groom, his brother and another guest.

Groom Pukes At The Alter

[[contentId: 2299358| | size: 75]]

The thought of spending the rest of his life with this lady made him lose his lunch.

Redneck Groom Fails His Wedding Entrance

[[contentId: 2780439| | size: 75]]

Something tells me the bride was happy that thing is finally broken.

Bride Drunkenly Orders Taco Bell In Her Wedding Dress

Nothing makes you want to consummate your marriage like a midnight drunken trip to Taco Bell that will be sure to add some extra romance. And by romance I mean the taco squirts. This bride drunkenly walked through the drive-thru in her wedding dress for a couple of Chalupas and was given a wedding day message that her fast food order was “your best decision of the day.”

[[contentId: 2793671| | style: height:409px; width:548px]]

[[contentId: 2793672| ]]

Bride Texts During Ceremony

[[contentId: 2214214| | size: 75]]

These two are going to be silently sitting on the couch, texting for the next thirty years. Might as well get started now.

Bride Catches Fire

[[contentId: 2797095| | size: 75]] 

Luckily they were able to put the fire out with her tears.

Best Man Catches The Bride Cheating- Whoops!

[[contentId: 2785694| | size: 75]]

This bro puts the best in best man.

Bride Can’t Stop Laughing And They Have To Stop The Ceremony

[[contentId: 1169999| | size: 75]] 

When your bride can’t stop laughing at you, it’s time to put the wedding on hold.

Groomsman Faints

[[contentId: 591330| | size: 75]] 

Poor kid had the realization that someday this could be him.

Bride Does Not Like Best Man’s Awkward Speech

[[contentId: 496429| | size: 75]]

It’s always a good idea to start your best man toast with a joke about what it’s like to plow the Queen of England.

Best Man Loses His Pants During Ceremony

[[contentId: 1366114| | size: 75]]Looks like someone wants in on the honeymoon suite.

Quadcopter Slams Into Grooms Face

[[contentId: 2506769| | size: 75]]

Hopefully they were going for a “just got a large gash in my face by a propeller blade” look for their wedding photos.

Best Man Takes On A Windmill and Loses

[[contentId: 1755315| | size: 75]]

This made for some fun “Weekend At Bernie’s” Style wedding party photos.

Bridal Party Butt Photography – Yes This Is A Thing

Apparently a hot new trend is for brides and their bridesmaids to take a few butt pics. Not sure why, although we might put this one in the “win” category.

[[contentId: 2793673| ]]

Or not:

[[contentId: 2793674| ]]

If all these fails have frightened you from taking the big marriage plunge, maybe you should do what this lady did who married the person of her dreams: herself.

[[contentId: 2793675| ]]