The 12 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters!

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater used to be a rite of passage only relegated to an older generation of aunts, uncles and third cousins you would see during the Holiday Season. Over the past decade, however there has been an escalating arms race for people of all ages to wear the ugliest sweater imaginable at every holiday party!

These guys are making bad decisions. However, you’ll be making an even worse decision if you decide to drive drunk. That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds you to be safe this holiday season and not drive drunk. You want the only bad decision you make to be wearing that snowman high fiving Santa sweater.

1. These guys are all wrapped up and ready to rock for Christmas


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2. Don’t Forget Man’s Best Friend For Christmas


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3. Rudolph Has Some Competition


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4. Did Anyone Bring The Mistletoe?

5. Don’t Put These Elves On A Shelf

6. Even Santa Sweater Loves Hot Cocoa


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7. Honesty Is Best


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8. Dance Like Drake In This Sweet Holiday Sweater


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9. More Ugly Christmas Sweaters Than You Care To Imagine


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10. Holiday Tidings Of Spaceships And Dinosaurs!


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11. Someone Tell Frosty That It Looks Like It’s Getting Hot In Here

12. He Is All Ready For The Office Christmas Party


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