The 10 Weirdest Condoms You Can Buy Today

No matter how you look at it, condoms are a necessary but odd part of the dating ritual. A new Japanese condom called Zero One made headlines recently not for the condom itself, but for the ad that accompanied its release.

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It featured two T-Rexs having sex, which might appeal to the “Jurassic World” crowd, but isn’t what one usually thinks of when preparing to sheath their junk.


This got us thinking about some other unusual condoms that one can actually purchase. For those who like to see at least some of what’s going on, there’s the Night Light.

night light condom

For the politically minded, there’s a wide assortment. Here’s the Occupy Condom.


Vote early but try not to finish too early.


Sarah Palin recently endorsed Trump, but it’s doubtful she endorsed these.


Who exactly would want to be these fruity selections is not exactly clear, but we have to give them kudos for their smiling faces. 


Anyone who needs one more reminder that we live in a bacon world need look no further than here.


The Japanese haven’t limited their crazy condoms to just dinosaurs. These might cross the line of good taste, but they up to cuteness factor by a power of 10. 


Sometimes you just need to stay classy. These allow you to still be dressed up when you’re naked.


Gene Simmons famously claims to have bedded 1000’s of women, but we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that he didn’t actually use these.


We’ll wrap it up (pun intended) with condoms that might be best for narcissists, as you can put your face on a condom.  Which is likely better than putting your face in a condom, but we hesitate to be too judgmental.