The 10 Most Irritating Facebook Updates

According to stats, there are 8 billion people on Facebook and only 7 billion people on Earth.  With that many accounts it’s no wonder that not everyone can make their updates awesome or even that interesting.  But of all the awful, irritating status updates out there, these ones are the worst.

The TMI Update

Preferred by people with no boundaries or those who forget Facebook is open to the public.


The Vague Update

For those who want to pretend they have something interesting in life, so interesting they have to share it with the internet, but not interesting enough to ever fully describe.


The Update of Endless Stupidity

For people who have somehow mastered the art of typing, but little else.


The Criminal Update

For the rare super criminal who feels the need to let others know they have just broken the law.  AKA a legal confession.


The No One Cares Update

For people who have just no clue.  None at all.


The Uninspiring Inspirational Update

Good try, but not really.


The Awful Update

For those who are gross.  Just gross.


The Think Before You Type Update

For those who forget who is on their friends list.


The New on Facebook Update

Mostly reserved for grandma and those who fear leaping into the 90s.


The Learn to Spell Update

Because no one understands you!