The 10 Most Horrifying Bugs in “Assassins Creed Unity”

Bugs and glitches in new games are nothing new but the release of Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed Unity” makes you wonder if the testing team was given some kind of heavy sedative before they sat down and played the game. 

They even make you walk a tightrope!

The first wave of players who bough the game after its release reported all sorts of alarming glitches in both the cutscenes and the gameplay. Some of the glitches also include crashes when players trying to join a co-op session and even delays in reaching the main menu. So far, none of the companies involved with the release of the game have been able to explain why they missed so many of them and how they ended up in the final game. They have assured players they will be able to fix them with a patch that’s currently in development. 

We hope they release that patch very soon because some of the glitches we found look downright horrifying. Check out the 10 strangest looking and don’t blame us if they start appearing in a nightmare near you. 

The most prevalent bug found in “Assassins Creed Unity” is a glitch in the code that erased the skin, muscles and skulls of characters in cutscenes leaving only a floating pair of eyeballs and teeth under a dome of hair. Maybe if the game has some kind of sci-fi theme about humanoids soul suckers that prey on mankind to continue their survival, it wouldn’t feel so out of place and would probably make for a better game. 

Imagine walking down a darkened street one night and coming across a hooded figure that was just a pair of disembodied eyes and teeth. You might not have to since you’ve already seen this image and it will probably show up in one of your dreams later on tonight.

Of course, if your face suddenly disappear without warning or reason, you might be worried about what other body parts are going to suddenly disappear. That’s probably why this very concerned looking assassin is staring down on his crotch.

This character seems to have a glitch that recognizes its a problem and tries to fix itself by just completing the eyes and the teeth. We weren’t sure which version of this glitch is more horrifying so we decided to post both and let you decide for yourself.

Several players also reported that their character would suddenly fall through the floor during the multiplayer mode after they’ve been killed leaving this scary looking, crumpled heap of a human body. It looks like one of Jigsaw’s victims that’s been thrown into a trash compactor or Regan doing the “spider walk” in the original “Exorcist.” Either way, we can still see it when we shut our eyes.

Not only did this character’s face completely disappear but he also doesn’t have any arms. So this one’s not quite as scary as the others since he clearly would have a harder time capturing you and eating your soul but we’re sure the others would hold us down for him while he feeds.

OK, so maybe we’ve killed one of the faceless soul eaters but something that horrifying has to have some kind of necromancer power that allows them to cheat death so they can go on chasing us until we’re too tired to fight for our own survival. Normally, we’d say shoot them in the head just to make sure they stay don’t but they don’t have one!

At this point, we’ve seen so many of these freaky empty skull faces that we wouldn’t be surprised if a glitch caused Rowdy Roddy Piper’s character from “They Live” to jump into the game and starting blowing them all way with his awesome shotgun and one-liners about being “all out of gum.” 

Auuuuuugh! That faceless demon is either trying to kiss that woman or eat her face! Either way, make it stop! 

Kotaku may have found the greatest glitch of them all. The “Assassins Creed” games involve a lot of running across rooftops and ropes while the player stalks their prey and the game clearly doesn’t know how gravity or physics work. We hope that Ubisoft keeps this one in the game because it’s almost as useful of a skill as being able to stab someone in the back with a retractable wrist knife. 

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