The 10 Best Mugshots Of 2014

Whenever someone gets arrested for a crime they allegedly committed, the police department takes a picture of their face for their police record. Some of these shots are more than just visual records of a person’s low point in life. They are visual reminders about how good some of us have it life, mostly because they remind us that at least we don’t have faces that make it impossible to carry on a conversation with someone that isn’t interspersed with reams of suppressed laughter.  We took a look back through the Internet’s virtual mugshot gallery and here’s some of our favorite glimpses of human tragedy from 2014. 

1. Arena Arnold 

This Penfield, New York woman got slapped with criminal charges after trying to tell the cops that she was the passenger instead of a driver following a car accident. The upside is that shortly after her mugshot went viral on the Internet, Netflix offered a chance to play the younger version of Crazy Eyes in their upcoming prequel to “Orange Is The New Black.” SOURCE

2. Jeremy Meeks 

Everybody remembers this hunky face that set the Internet’s collective loins on fire, even though the mugshot came with weapons and gang activity charges. The mugshot earned him modeling agents and contracts and gave humanity another reason to cry itself to sleep. SOURCE

3. Jared Kreft 

Not long ago, this face was seen underneath a horse where police say he was, uh, giving the horse an early Christmas present. We assume that’s why he’s also wearing a towel in his mugshot. SOURCE

4. Robert Burt 

This drunk driver from Maine showed up to his two-day jail term in a T-shirt featuring the first mugshot police took of him from his original arrest. It’s like a redneck “Inception.” SOURCE

5. Jeffrey Chapman 

This Kansas man was charged with first-degree murder back in 2011 but his mugshot received some special attention in 2014 because he was worried that his “MURDER” neck tattoo might unfairly influence his jury trial. The judge allowed him to either keep it covered during his trial or pick an all-illiterate jury.  SOURCE

6. Judge Joe Brown 

Yes, THAT Judge Joe Brown actually went to jail on contempt of court charges for causing an outburst in a Memphis courtroom. It appears that his mugshot caught him right in the middle of uttering a choice curse word that he’s probably been dying to say on camera. SOURCE

7. Deborah Delane Asher

Police in Laurel County, Kentucky were tipped off to a possible meth dealer when they spotted this woman wearing an “I (Heart) Crystal Meth” T-shirt. Believe it or not, they found her with methamphetamine and arrested her on charges of possession and trafficking. That’s some fine police work there. SOURCE

8. Michael Whitington 

Police in Denver caught this bank robbery suspect back in September who tried to rob a bank inside a mall and flee from police on a light-rail train. Police either arrested 45-year-old Michael Whitington or the before photo in every dentist’s office ad you’ve ever seen. SOURCE

9. Carlos Enrique Gastelum-Borboa

Police in Arizona arrested this suspect on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and an appearance violation. The court must have ordered him to appear because they needed a good laugh from his permanent rubber face. SOURCE

10. Catherine Butler 

This DWI suspect was picked up twice in New York on Halloween in the span of three hours, first in full zombie makeup and a second time after she removed her costume. We’re guessing that she drove drunk a second time because she didn’t like how she looked in her first mugshot. SOURCE

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