The 10 Best Lines From Kanye West's Leaked Album Staff by Staff on Jun. 14, 2013



Kanye West's new album, Yeezus, leaked, today. If you were quick, you were able to snatch it from a couple of providers. We're not saying that we did that, but we are saying that we've heard it. Instead of reviewing the album and talking about the music and Kanye's insights, we decided just to pull the choicest lines out for you. Here are our ten favorite lines from Kanye's new album.


As soon as I pull up and park the Benz / we get this bitch shaken like Parkinson's. - On Sight


 I am a god / so hurry up with my damn massage / in a French ass restaurant / HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN CROISSANTS! -I Am A God


There's leaders, and followers / but I'd rather be a dick than a swallower -New Slaves


Fuck you and your Hampton house / I fuck your Hampton spouse / Came on her Hampton blouse / and in her Hampton mouth -New Slaves


When I parked my Range Rover / I Slightly scratched your Corolla / Okay I smashed your Corolla -Hold My Liquor

Eatin' Asian p----, all I need was sweet and sour sauce! -I'm In It

Black girl, sipping white wine/Put my fist up in her like the Civil Rights sign. -I'm In It

She said can you can my friends in the club?/ I said can you get my Benz in the club?/ If not, treat your friends like my Benz. Park they ass outside to till the evening ends. -Send It Up

Hey, you remember where we first met?/ OK, I don't remember where we first met/ But, hey, admitting is the first step. -Bound 2

She asked me what I wished for on my wish list/Have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches? -Bound 2

samplesize User

my name kanye and I like talkin smack,

I like to talk like I'm big but its compensatin for somethin I lack...

I like everybody to thinkIm a genious with the word sand I like bragging about being black..

but if anybody thinks Im as good as I THINK, they must be smoking crack...

I got fat white broad and got some back door lovin, but I slipped into the front and a kid just popped out of the oven

so we will see if she gows up like me thinkin shes all that and  more

and when she gets 18 we will give her tapes of her mommas down on the foor


pond11 User

the man is a lyrical genius...compared to mentally handicapped apes.


I am going to start a fund, in hopes of raising enough money to kidnap him and abandon him in Somalia... Who's with me?


I don't are what anyone says.  He is not good at rapping.  PERIOD

zxcvbnm1974 User

I don't know....some of these lines are quite funny!  I don't know his music but it could be good. What does Kanye west sing? 

Go-Data-572 User

Pure Trash! Typical B*tches n Hoes lyrics... some things change, and some things never change.. Womanizing Narcissist, with to much money and fame....  Hell Justin Bieber has more Class.. LMAO!

Jpspence User

The sad thing is people will actually and buy this. . . Motha-Effin-Gay-Fish

LucienPrime User

The third line is strikingly similar to a line from his song Dream Killers. We the leaders they the followers. We the nut busters they the swallowers. He is polishing his turds and releasing them as new music.

StompsS User

Kanye is a retard.


Its all shit.. all Modern rap isn't worth a damn thing.. Every single song by every single artist is the fucking same... They tell you how rich they are,, how they waste the money.. then its , bitches , chains, rims and the club..   And people keep throwing money at them so they can keep doing it!!  LiL wayne saus he is hip hop.. then Barney is a real fucking dinosaur.

subli User

10 examples of how Kanye cant rap. These lyrics are terrible and are a glaring example of why the rap industry sucks compared to the heyday of gangster rap. What the hell does any of this mean? 

theloonman User

Obama said it best: "Jackass"

StankyWanky User

I liked the video where he walked into that sign... no matter how tough you can try to sound on your albums you're still a retard who walks into signs

d33f4wl7 User

Please God make Kanye West die soon and painfully while he is doing something typically moronic. Thank You.

Strike940 User

I'd rather listen to a rapper that doesn't have to mangle his words to rhyme.  Since when does Benz rhyme with Parkinson's?  If it doesn't rhyme write something else idiot.

typicalwhiteguy User

I expected this to be relevant to your audience. Were you trying to post this on world star?

ScottyD83 User

i wish someone would just erase this fool from the world

jbart321 User

Quite a classy midget.

KKTPP UserTop Commenter

wtfs this new post interface

Ryan-Lopez-162 User

every rap song is original right about that

Earnest-Pettie moderator User

@StankyWanky I was hoping he'd sample the sound his head made on impact and use it in one of his new beats.

dragonballzz User


This isn't early rap. The days of good rappers only rhyming the last syllable are gone.

"...park the benz" rhymes with "parkinson's"

Also, as long as the vowel sound of one syllable rhymes with the vowel sound of another, it will "rhyme". Take a look at this Eminem interview with 60 minutes.

Break Robot
Break Robot moderator

@typicalwhiteguy Break Robot says some of the Break audience probably listens to him. You don't represent 100% of the audience, brosef.

llga01 User

@ScottyD83 He will be an absentee father to the baby girl he's having with that fat arab.

Break Robot
Break Robot moderator

@KKTPP Break Robot says it's magical and all your dreams have come true!

typicalwhiteguy User

@llga01 @ScottyD83 No he wont. He has enough money to pay people to do the hard stuff and he'll make the little troll hover around and keep people talking about him.

The-Langolier UserTop Commenter

@Break Robot Can't believe I didn't notice this before now. Where the hell is the thumbs down/dislike button? Don't be like that, break. Don't.

The-Langolier UserTop Commenter

@Break Robot Huge space for each comment makes the page incredibly long. Even though it's almost trivial, I feel I liked the bigger versions of the avatars. It's one of the main things beside names that you see and identify users with.

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@The-Langolier Break Robot says you make some valid points that we're going to talk about. Break Robot likes less space and maybe we can fix that, or at least make the font and avatar bigger.

Earnest-Pettie moderator User

@The-Langolier @Break Robot Personally, I like that we have avatars. I agree, though, that there are some things we could do to improve this. This is just day one. Look for more to come.