The 10 Best Life Lessons Calvin & Hobbes Taught Us

Everyone loves Calvin & Hobbes. Even those people who say they don't actually do because only terrorists hate Calvin & Hobbes (however, unverified claims state that Osama Bin Laden got a good chuckle out of the Spaceman Spiff series).

But more than providing laughs, Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes bequeathed to us lessons in life, lessons far deeper than most Sunday comic strips dared to venture. Here are 10 that stuck with us and likely will forever.

1. Everyone Has A Tell

Pay close attention to people. Other than the fact that you'll learn to appreciate them more, you'll also learn when they are telling you boldface lies. This lesson is especially important when you are trying to win money from them or get that vacation day turned into a sick day at work.


2. Bad Parenting Isn't Always Bad Parenting

I remember when my mom let me try her beer. I was eight and thought, "Gross! I'm never drinking this!" Then, I remember when I bought my first 30-pack of Keystone and thought, "It's so cheap to numb my sadness!"


3. Cheap Thrills Aren't All That Terrible

Sometimes you gotta live, you know?


4. School Is Kinda Bulls**t

Not really. School is good, but honestly, how many times did you cram for a test only to forget what you crammed for the instant you walked out of the classroom? I feel this way mostly about prerequisite classes in college. "Oh, you want to become a business major? Looks like you need astronomy." Or, "Oh, you want to make movies? Looks like you need to take three semesters of Latin." Why Latin? Because it met at 8:20am and Latin met at 9:45am. I lucror.


5. It's The Small Things That Count

This is required reading before any lady climbs in bed with me.


6. Questions Can Be Scary

Everyone is scared to ask the big questions: why are we here? Is there a God? How can I be a better person? Can jokes that break the rules of three still be funny?


7. We All Feel Alone

We've all had those moments where we feel like there is no one here for us. We're lost and alone. But it's not true. There are millions of people in the world and they've all been there before. You can get through this with help from friends or family or internet strangers or RedTube.


8. Life Is Hard

We recommend that you try to find and read the entire raccoon series. It's a tearjerker.


9. We Aren't In Control

That's why you just gotta live and be happy. You don't control most things. Unless you are God. If so, then you do control all things. Also, thanks for visiting


10. Art Is Stupid