The 10 Best LastJediProblems Tweets

So unless you’ve been living on the Outer Rim, you likely noticed that the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi touched down last week and the entire internet lost its mind. There are few things in this world other than Star Wars that can make the brain of both an adult and a child transform into warm oatmeal-like mush. But, since this is the digital age, the new movie couldn’t escape completely unscathed despite the trailer’s warm reception. Fans and haters alike quickly took to Twitter to mock the movie with the hashtag #LastJediProblems. Although my love for Star Wars is as big as that Death Star small moon, even I couldn’t help but laugh at a few of the more creative tweets. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Luke single-handedly (pun intended) brought down the evil galactic Emperor and his right-hand man (pun intended x 2). I think he’s entitled to grow a dad bod and just kick back on the space couch after that.

Has anyone checked Vader’s urine lately? Dude is definitely on the juice.

In Kylo Ren’s defense, we’ve all wanted to viciously impale our fathers through the chest with a laser sword while standing face to face and watching the life slowly drain out of their eyes from time to time. Amirite? …Anyone?

Is getting old really a problem? You don’t have to work anymore, your verbal sexual harassment comes off as charming and you can give annoying small children the finger while blaming it on senility. What am I missing here?

I mean…they both wear robes, sport beards and have magical powers. It’s an honest mistake.

Cute cats + light sabers = internet gold. Keep it up, Tweeples.

Do you think he tried midichlorians123?

SMH…the Dark Side just never learns. At this point, I’m shocked they can still scrounge up any funding at all. How much space cash have they blown on two Death Stars and a Starkiller Base? Their overhead must be crazy.

Ohhhhhh, Luke just got roasted…get it?

Jedi’s? Jedii…Jed? My brain hurts. BONUS

Q: Why can’t you count on Yoda when the check comes?

A: Cause he’s always a little short.

….I’ll see myself out.