9 Attempts At Texting While Performing Dangerous Activities What Went Wrong

For some reason people still think it is OK to attempt to text while driving a vehicle. However there are plenty of other dangerous activities you perform in your daily life where you would never consider trying to text while doing them. We set out to demonstrate in a series of examples why these activities demand your full attention! And that is why our friends at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration remind you to never text while driving.

1. Texting While: Walking Through A Parking Lot

2. Texting While: Heading Toward A Sign

3. Texting While: Shopping At The Mall (Water Fountain Fail)

4. Texting While: Watching A Baseball Game

5. Texting While: Mountain Climbing – Ah!

6. Texting While Next To A Canal In Venice

7. Texting While Cooking: The Aftermath

8. Texting While Riding A Bike


9. Texting While Getting Bitten By A Snake!