An Abandoned Wal-Mart Was Turned Into America’s Largest Library (PHOTOS)

The words “Wal-Mart” and “Reading” aren’t necessarily synonymous with each other, but in Texas, it’s not uncommon to speak of literature and the low price grocery chain in the same breath. Why? Because an abandoned Wal-Mart in McAllen, Texas was turned into America’s largest single-floor library spanning to 123,000 square feet.

Looking like something awesome out of a 1960’s sci fi movie, the design recently won a Library Interior Design Competition Award, but a cool look isn’t all this super library has to offer. It’s also features 355,794 books, 16 meeting spaces, 14 study rooms and 132 computers for the public, including designated computer rooms for both teenagers and children.

But that’s not all! Okay, now I’m starting to sound like Rod Roddy from The Price is Right. But seriously, this place is loaded. Check out the other courtesies provided from the library’s website.

Special Interior Features:
teen area, cafe, auditorium, quiet reading room, self-check out units, art gallery, electronic classrooms, meeting rooms with audiovisual services, expanded children’s area, used book store, automated materials handling system, themed wood ceiling and other special interior design features

Funny enough, the library was also able to keep the parking lot as well which contains over 350 parking spaces. Long story short, good for you America. You made me proud today.

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source: Web Urbanist